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What is the difference between MMS and CDS?
CDS is in fact MMS that has already been activated, as can be seen from the yellow colour of the substance.
CDS itself is a gas so it is ‘taken up’ or ‘gassed out’ fairly quickly both in and out of the body.
Please remember: CDS must be kept in the fridge, with lid tightly closed so that it retains its potency.
Important note: CDS must be taken immediately, in a glass of water.
Another way to take CDS is to keep a dose in a tightly capped container and drink throughout the day.   You may keep topping up throughout the day if you so wish.
Be careful about this point oo please: No metal with MMS sodium chlorite solution, either for mixing or for storing

Please watch this terrific video by Dr Andreas Kalcker and Mike Adams:



Please do watch the linked video and be informed about this wonderful product:

and for further detailed information:

CDS Chlorine Dioxide Solution (ClO2)

* Body and water purification drops
* Purifies drinking water
* Removes toxins from fruit and vegetables

Size: (200ml)
This is a standardized saturation 4% @ 3000 ppm.
Please be sure to  keep this product refrigerated in order to prevent unnecessary loss of potency
Please replace the cap quickly and tightly so that it does not ‘gas out’
Also remember CDS is light sensitive so it needs to be kept in a cool dark place
Drink immediately

200 ml ready – to – use as water and/or body purification drops
Please note: the liquid should retain its original yellow colour.   If it turn clear then it has reverted to water.
This is why it is so important to cap tightly, keep out of sun and light, in the fridge and also important to consume straight away.

Skin Cancer:
Just spray the CDS directly onto skin cancer – it is referenced in this video :

How to take:
Just add drops to a glass of water according to the accompanying instructions and drink straight away.
Add to a “sippy cup” (covered with a straw) for children so that the CDS does not gas out.
There are a number of different protocols available, several of which are clarified hereunder


For children’s dosages for CDS, please refer to this page:

CDS Protocol C:
10 Millilitres of CDS in 1 liter of water which provides 10 intakes per day
This is called Protocol C – for people on the move who wouldn\t be able to keep it in a fridge.
You could mark the bottle in units of 10 to make it easy for each dose

Purify your water:
Just follow the instructions ……   
Add 24 drops of CDS to 4 litres water. Let it sit for at least 10 minutes.
Please ensure that the water container is tightly closed with a lid so the precious gas does not escape.
CDS is used in some municipal water purification systems!

Pets’ drinking water:
Please add 10-20 to all pets’ drinking water at least once a day to boost their health

Chlorine dioxide is recognized as a biocompatible wound antiseptic irrigant.
This means that it can be used in human and animal wounds to help reduce infection and
inflammation without causing any type of irritation or negative effects on routine healing. In fact,
chlorine dioxide products have been shown to significantly improve wound healing time in
animal studies. As a side note treatment of deep surgical wounds with chlorine dioxide has also
taken place in veterinary medicine and the results have been quite remarkable. Chlorine dioxide
was shown to be completely safe and biocompatible and there was significant improvement in
wound healing outcome

Wash your fruit and vegeables to remove poisons:
Add 24 drops  to a sinkful or bowl of water.  Soak your fruit and veg for at least 20-30 minutes, even citrus fruits.
According to Dr Andreas Kalcker this will even remove the dreaded poison glyphosate.

Maintenance / Preventative dose:
2-6 drops at night in 200ml water. Swish around mouth before swallowing to keep teeth healthy.
This should be taken straight away as the potency dissipates if it stands before being consumed

For increased benefits: Add 1 or 2 drops of DMSO, which is available separately from Bio-Sil.
For further information please see our DMSO website page

To begin first-time usage, start on a low dosage and observe body response to guide you as to if or when to increase the dosage
We highly recommend conducting your own research on suitable dosages – there is much information available both in video and in written form

Please watch this video with Dr Andreas Kalcker and be even further informed about this wonderful product:


How to make your own CDS – another great video at this link:

Characteristics of Chlorine Dioxide:
1. Chlorine Dioxide is a yellow gas that dissolves quickly in water, without altering its structure
2. Chlorine Dioxide is obtained by the mixing of activated Sodium Chlorite and diluted Hydrochloric Acid (MMS drops)
3. Chlorine Dioxide gas dissolved in water is an anti-oxidant
4. Chlorine Dioxide is pH-selective: the more acidic the pathogen, the stronger the reaction it creates
5. According to toxicological studies by the EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency), Chlorine Dioxide does not leave any residues in the body, nor does it accumulate in the body over time
6. After the oxidation process, any remaining CDS turns into oxygen and sodium chloride (common salt)

Advantages of Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2):
• Bactericidal effectiveness with pH values between 4 and 10
Chlorine Dioxide is clearly superior to and different from, chlorine in the destruction of spores, bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic organisms
.• Chlorine Dioxide has good solubility
• It destroys THM (Trihalomethane) precursors
• ClO2 destroys phenols*

* (Exposure to phenol may occur from the use of some medicinal products (including throat lozenges and ointments). Phenol is highly irritating to the skin, eyes, and mucous membranes in humans after acute
(short-term) inhalation or dermal exposures. Phenol is considered to be quite toxic to humans via oral
exposure. Anorexia, progressive weight loss, diarrhea, vertigo, salivation, a dark coloration of the urine,
and blood and liver effects have been reported in chronically (long-term) exposed humans. Animal studies
have reported reduced foetal body weights, growth retardation, and abnormal development in the offspring
of animals exposed to phenol by the oral route. EPA has classified phenol as a Group D, not classifiable as
to human carcinogenicity 
Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency (.gov) › default › files › documents

Sampling of customer feedback :
I have been drinking CDS and also taking cotton discs and using it on the eczema. I have been using a very diluted amount in a spray bottle for my nose and after brushing my teeth. I swoosh a couple of drops of CDS diluted in water around in my mouth. Teeth seem to be getting whiter too”   JL-Johannesburg

*I always add a couple of drops of CDS to a little milk if any of my pets are not 100%.  I swirl the dish a little so the odour dissipates and I have had no problem with them taking it.  I have decided to make this a daily practice to ensure ongoing health!  (Eve-Johannesburg)

CDS allows the body to heal itself:
It should be noted that chlorine dioxide itself is an oxidizer, and not itself the “cure”.
It effectively eliminates harmful cells, cleansing the body of elements that are causing sickness; thereby  allowing the body’s healthy cells to be able to do their jobs properly – helping the body to cleanse and heal itself
The chlorine dioxide itself will not become toxic
It turns into regular salt inside the body within 2 hours after consumption

Administering CDS
Jim Humble, the man who developed MMS, recommends that patients who plan to follow the MMS or Chlorine Dioxide protocol at home do so with great care and study.
Free downloadable books on the subject that would be valuable for individuals looking to work with chlorine dioxide as a cancer or other treatment, are available upon request, from :

CDS dosages for children:
Please click this link: 

Using one of the drinking cups with a sealed cap and straw is a great way to give it to children – they don’t even notice a difference in taste.   Here is one type of cup available :


Dosing of CD is best done frequently
because the CD gas is rapidly taken up and utilised by the body and needs to be replenished.  One can mix up a drinking cup (see picture above as an example) – just keep drinking and refilling during the day

1. Feeling better?
Don’t change anything. Continue with what you’re doing
2. Feeling worse?
Reduce dosage or stop for a few days
3. Not getting better / not getting worse?
If there are no signs of improvement, do the next increase or explore another protocol

What to avoid while taking CDS
(within  2 hours before and after)  :
Anti oxidants such as  Vitamin C as such  substances can render the CDS ineffective
Mixing in a little kombucha or freshly squeezed lemon juice is okay
Taking it in a “sippy” cup with a lid and straw is highly recommended as it is undetectable even to children

What is the difference between MMS and CDS?
With MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) there may be a constant on-going reaction occurring with the ingredients, which may create mild side effects.
However, the CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution) is freed as a gas and it does work immediately.

The most advanced way to achieve this is to use a gas in solution, as the stomach will completely absorb the gas and it will not reach the intestines, thereby avoiding any side effects in the bloodstream.
CDS is pH neutral, unlike the MMS mixture which is acidic.
This pH neutral solution makes it possible to safely use the CDS intravenously by a qualified professional. This is not possible with the older MMS formulation due to the presence of the acid reagent.
Chlorine Dioxide gas which has been liberated from an MMS solution is a dense gas which is very soluble and stable in water. It does not hydrolyse in aqueous solution and it actualy ‘structures’ water, as well as blood.
The Chlorine Dioxide gas has a very high Oxygen potential in the blood i.e. it releases a high level of Oxygen into the blood.
The Chlorine ion acts a stronger oxidising agent than the Oxygen component. Oxygen is naturally absorbed in the lung by the blood and is then released. As it travels through the body it encounters acidity. This is known as the Bohr Effect. The blood intelligently releases Oxygen in acidic tissues i.e. in tissues where there is inflammation due to Histamine or infectious organisms, or when there is a build up of Lactic Acid in the tissue e.g. due to physical exercise.
Interestingly, Chlorine Dioxide gas acts as a secondary Oxygen carrier in the blood, working independently of the red blood cells. This is because the Chlorine ion holds onto an Oxygen atom until it encounters an acid environment, where it then releases the free Oxygen and the Chlorine ion.
The Chlorine ion will get to work oxidising infectious organisms, as will the Oxygen to a lesser extent. Free Oxygen will enrich the Oxygen level in red blood cells in the environment as well by the exact same mechanism as in the lungs.
When MMS (sodium chlorite) is activated for 30 seconds with diluted HCl (hydrochloric acid as found in the gut to aid food digestion), only 10% of the maximum possible CLO2 gas is released. Stomach acid may further activate residual MMS. This does allow for a longer beneficial effect in the body as chlorine dioxide is actually produced.
Some people find the residual MMS and acid activator may cause undesirable side effects from the Herxheimer** reaction.
It is a sign to give the body a break and stop treatment for a day or few and then start again on a very low dose …. then gradually build up to the desired dose, taking care not to stress the body.
Many people still find MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) convenient, just as effective and affordable.
Even the 30ml bottles last for a long time!

 **Herxheimer effect” explanation
Herxheimer reaction is a common detoxification response of the body to the increased toxins being released during a treatment (for pathogens such as bacteria, parasites or candida)

A Herxheimer reaction means that the quantity of toxins released into the circulation/elimination system,  is more than thebody can comfortably handle at that time
A high level of body toxins can put stress on internal organs, especially the colon, liver and kidneys that are involved in filtering and flushing toxins from the body

“Important information to know before you begin:
Please never ever use anything metal when mixing, storing or using sodium chlorite
Neither CDS nor MMS solution should ever come into contact with metal
Don’t stir with a metal spoon, or use metal bowls to mix, or metal containers to store – this includes stainless steel
Storage containers/bottles for MMS should have plastic lids, not metal, as the sodium chlorite will eventually eat through and corrode the metal.  The metal then ‘eats’ into the lid and particles drop down in to your MMS liquid. This will result in undesirable metal being present in your MMS.  It is poisonous and you don’t want that!

So rather use plastic lids. Be careful about this point please:
No metal with MMS sodium chlorite solution, either for mixing or for storing.
Thank you for taking note!

Dr Andreas Kalcker:
CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution)

Benefits of Chlorine Dioxide Solution:
CDS is an effective treatment for ‘Corona virus’
Chlorine Dioxide is NOT Sodium Hypochlorite!
Chlorine Dioxide is NOT Chlorine!
It is composed of a single Chloride ion attached to two Oxygen atoms. Chlorine gas is composed of two chlorine ions, which is a very different molecule.
Table salt is composed of a sodium ion and a chloride ion and is essential for life.

CDS was idiscovered in the 1800’s and can be manufactured in various ways.
Sodium Chlorite can be activated with a variety of acids e.g. Hydrochloric Acid.   The resulting chemical reaction liberates a gas – Chlorine Dioxide, which is the active ingredient in CDS.
Jim Humble patented it as MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) as he discovered that it works effectively against Malaria. Subsequently it was found to be effective against many other disease organisms. The only disadvantage was that in the initial stages when Citric Acid was used as an activator** and it had a bad taste, often causing diarrhoea. In order to overcome this, a gaseous version was made: (CDS) Chlorine Dioxide Solution. This gas version is simply the liberated Chlorine Dioxide gas dispersed in water.

** We now use HCl (dilute Hydrochloric Acid) on a 1 drop : 1 drop ratio, which has pretty well cut out any discomfort

Clotted blood cells
This works very rapidly in real time.
For example when CD gas reaches clotted blood cells, it rapidly regenerates them, producing healthy blood cells again.
This is highly effective in cases of clotting due to Corona virus infections and jabs as well

CDS reaches the blood as soon as one minute after oral ingestion.
In patients with reduced lung efficiency, CDS acts as an Oxygen booster for the red blood cells, thereby increasing the blood Oxygen level effectively.

CDS needs to be understood as a chemical ventilator and also used accordingly.
For this reason CDS needs to be used frequently during the day to maintain blood oxygen levels as it is rapidly taken up by the blood cells and released in the tissues and thus needs to be replenished.

Is there a risk that the Oxygen and Chlorine from CDS could attack healthy cells?
Microbiologists at the University of Bern have been measuring exactly this and results on highly sensitive skin cells has shown that these cells have in fact been living even longer!

Dr Kalcker reports that after 15 years of taking CDS in many different ways, he is in the best shape of his life. He experiences improved mental clarity and brain function and the severe arthritis in his hands has resolved.

Glyphosate ….. autism
Both Chlorine Dioxide Solution and Ozone have been found to effectively oxidize Glyphosate, thereby destroying it. It has been found that the levels of Glyphosate in the gut of autistic children is very high.
Use of CDS to treat children suffering from autism has shown very good results.

Love your Plants
CDS has also shown a lot of positive results in treating plants affected by disease such as fungi.

Water and blood purification
CDS is currently used safely in many industrial applications, including purification of water and addition to I/V blood bags.  However, any positive reports on CDS benefits are rapidly removed from the internet etc.

In nature, oxidation is used to destroy pathogens e.g. natural killer cells produce Hypochlorite to oxidise invading infectious organisms.

CDS increases energy levels
In states of disease there is generally an acidic pH environment in the body. CDS helps to balance the pH levels to that of a healthier state. The presence of the Chlorine ion enhances oxidative defence mechanisms in the body dramatically.

CD gas provides up to 50% more Oxygen to the red blood cells
when it gets into the blood.
CD is a very tiny molecule and can supply up to 433 million oxygen molecules to each red blood cell!

The extremely small size of Chlorine dioxide molecules means that they are readily taken up by any tissue in the body e.g. interstitial fluids, membranes and fascia*.
Tissues with not much blood supply also readily take up Chlorine Dioxide molecules.  For example synovial fluid**. In this way CD gas enters the area, eliminates pathogens and lowers the level of acidity in the area which is harming the cartilage of the joint and causing the arthritis.

When comparing CDS to Oxygen therapies, we see that each ozone molecule provides only two electrons whilst each Chlorine dioxide molecule provides 5 electrons (oxygen ions), so it is more effective.
Ozone also needs a carrier to get it into the red blood cells or it will be too toxic, whereas CD gas doesn’t need a carrier to get into the blood cells. CD can therefore treat the blood cells and the plasma readily.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide therapy releases Hydrogen ions which are highly reactive and not ideal.
CDS is therefore a much more effective treatment.

Dosing of CD is best done frequently
because the CD gas is rapidly taken up and utilised by the body and needs to be replenished.  One can mix up a drinking cup (see picture above as an example) – just keep drinking and refilling during the day.

In preliminary clinical trials in Ecuador, doctors used CDS orally and found it to be effective for treatment of Corona virus infection. In a severe case, the CDS was dosed intravenously and 2 days later the patient had recovered.
Covid is a disease of hypoxia*** and coagulation of blood – not an acute respiratory disease. CDS is highly effective for treatment of the hypoxia and coagulation of the blood.

In severely cyanotic**** Covid patients, administration of CDS induced a marked improvement in these patients within a few hours.

Dr Andreas Kalcker’s website is
Videos are available here to teach protocols for CDS as well as to demonstrate how to make your own CDS.

Some definitions:
*   Fascia is a thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber and muscle in place. The tissue does more than provide internal structure; fascia has nerves that make it almost as sensitive as skin. When stressed, it tightens up

**   Synovial fluid, also known as joint fluid, is a thick liquid located between your joints. The fluid cushions the ends of bones and reduces friction when you move your joints. A synovial fluid analysis is a group of tests that checks for disorders that affect the joints

***    Hypoxemia:Having low oxygen levels in your blood is called hypoxemia. Having low oxygen levels in your tissues is called hypoxia.

****   Cyanotic
Definition of cyanotic: Marked by or causing a bluish or purplish discoloration (as of the skin and mucous membranes) due to deficient oxygenation of the blood : relating to or affected with cyanosis e.g. On arrival at the emergency room, the patient was cyanotic and unconscious with labored respirations at 40/min.—


A summary to help:

What is CDS?
Chlorine Dioxide Solution, used to purify water supplies – it has health benefits if taken correctly.

How to take CDS:
For most conditions and to detox / purify the body:
Begin with 3 drops every hour, in a glass of water, gradually increasing to a comfortable level. Reduce dose for children and pets. Please use discernment and immediately decrease or stop drops if any discomfort is experienced

Maintenance / Preventative dose: 2-6 drops at night in 200ml water. Swish around mouth before swallowing to keep teeth healthy

For increased benefits:
Add 1 or 2 drops of DMSO, which is available separately from Bio-Sil. For further information please see our website or e-mail:

For skin problems:
Pour 50 ml water into a spray bottle. Add 10 – 20 drops of CDS. Shake to mix. Always test the solution on a soft part of your skin for sensitivity.   Apply to affected area as often as desired

Ladies – a very important note : CDS may negate the benefits of certain contraceptives

Store in the fridge and always keep out of the sun. Replace cap tightly after use to avoid reduction in potency as this liquid ‘gases out’ when left open. Best used within 3 months of opening the container
If this product “gases out” it will lose its yellow colour and reverts to water

Suggestions for using a spray bottle: Use as a deodorant / to disinfect public toilet seats / keep toothbrush clean / treat dandruff etc. This will last for a month before needing to be refreshed

Should you choose to use CDS as a health supplement, it is on the express understanding that we make no claims or recommendations as to its use.
Information presented here is for educational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent disease or replace the advice of a healthcare practitioner.

T:+27 11 615-5504 / +27 11 616-6773 – Shop online

Wishing you abundant health

Good news – I had a very sick little chicken today – for the past two days she has not eaten and just sits all huddled up with closed eyes. This morning I decided to give her CDS drops – three doses this morning and a spin on the Balancer.
Voila – this afternoon she hopped out of the soft towel I had wrapped her in and is prancing around with the rest of the four – eating and eyes open!!!!   (Yvonne)



“Good morning, my name is Maura and I am giving my 9 year old child with autism the dioxide and pesticide protocol. He has changed a lot from a cognitive point of view, he is a different child even though I understand that it is not a speed race but a marathon.


(Translated from German)
I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis with psoriasis, which also looks like this. I had to inject MTX for years with significant side effects. I then came across Andreas Kalcker while researching (during Coronagedön). I have been taking CDL (10 ml in 1 liter of water daily throughout the day) for 3 years. Since then I no longer need any rheumatism medication and only have skin problems if I don’t take the CDL for a long time!”

“I also have a little testimony!!!!
I had a lot of pain in my left knee and I couldn’t bend it, I was about to call and make an appointment for an MRI (I was afraid I wouldn’t have cartilage anymore!) I started taking 2 drops of mms in the evening in half a glass of water before going to bed … well, the next day the pain was completely gone and it never came back. However, I continue to take my two drops every evening ❤️❤️❤️”










Weight300 g

3 reviews for CDS Chlorine Dioxide Solution

  1. Yvonne


    I have been adding this to my water feature to keep the water fresh and my four cats won’t drink water from any other receptacle. Needless to say, they are beautifully healthy!

  2. Yvonne


    I always wash fresh produce in CDS – I add a capful to a sinkful of water. Just because grapes come in pretty packaging it doesn’t mean they are clear of poisons that are sprayed on them during the growth phase!

  3. Biosilheart


    My cat had a strange chattering jaw, so I did a bit of research and found it could be one of 2 things,
    Either lockjaw or tooth decay which is quite prevalent in household cats.
    I was wondering what to do, as I wasn’t looking forward to a hefty vet bill….
    So I started giving her a drop or 2 of CDS in a bit of milk in the mornings, and I could see the problem going away within 2 days of using CDS!
    How wonderful.
    Thanks Bio-Sil

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