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Greetings dear researcher,
Thank you for taking the time to look further into these incredible products (MMS – Miracle Mineral Solution and CDS – Chlorine Dioxide Solution or “already activated” MMS).
There are so many references and also many different protocols now available.
I always recommend skimming through them with a receptive mind and take note of the ones that resonate or “jump out” for you.
Please also note that in the good old days we used citric acid as an activator but then Jim Humble updated this to the much better activator : HCl or Hydrochloric Acid as is found in the gut.  

Handy little snippets:
1.  An activated drop of Sodium Chlorite with the Activator is equivalent to approximately 1 ml of CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution)
2.  Now over 5,000 physicians in 25 nations use chlorine dioxide (or in short, CDS) to save lives
3.  Dosing: 30 minutes before a meal or 1 hour after meal

Download a copy of The Universal Antidote – Interactive Reference Guide

1. Jim Humble’s Chlorine Dioxide (CDS) / MMs (Miracle Mineral Solution) Protocols

by world renowned expert Dr Andreas Kalcker

For example: PROTOCOL A

The first dose is 3 ml CDS (or three activated drops (MMS in a 1: 1 ratio if there is no CDS) adding 200 ml of water, before sleeping, on the first day of treatment.
On the second day another 3ml CDS (or three activated drops MMS) are taken by adding 200 ml of water, one hour after breakfast and another three activated drops by adding 200 ml of water, before sleeping.
On the third day, the two previous doses are taken, after breakfast and before sleeping, adding another dose one hour after eating.
Then you continue with the same three doses, one hour after breakfast, lunch and before sleeping, the necessary time of the treatment, until you feel recovered.
This protocol is suitable for long-term application and also serves as maintenance.

These are the most important protocols.


Keep in mind; the results are only evaluations of experimental research in volunteers. They do not constitute any type of medical advice or prescription. We do not postulate any recommendation to anyone…. for any specific condition or disease.

2. CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution) whole day protocol

Eating While On Your MMS Protocol 

MMS doses should not be taken right at mealtimes. While on the protocols, it is best to plan  your meals around your dosing. Space out the MMS dose and meals by 20 to 30 minutes from the time you take your dose. For example, if you take your MMS dose at 8:00 am, breakfast  could be at 8:30 am, and your next dose at 9:00 am. Your breakfast should be small and take no longer than 15 minutes. Likewise if you take an MMS dose at 12 noon, lunch could be at  12:30 pm and so on.
During the hours you are on the protocol, it is best to try and eat smaller meals and/or  snacks, as opposed to very large meals. (Don’t get me wrong, you can eat while taking MMS,  just avoid the larger meals during the hours you are taking your doses.) There are a variety of ways this can be done—adjust according to your daily routine.
For example, if you start your protocol fairly early in the morning, say at 8:00 am, eight hours later would be 3:00 pm, which would be the time of your last dose. If you have had smaller  meals or snacks during this eight hour dosing period, and you finish your last dose at 3:00  pm, this means that by 5:00 pm, or later if you prefer, you could have your large meal of the  day.
Some people prefer to start their dosing later in the day, so that they are free in the morning  hours to drink orange juice, or their cup of coffee or tea.
Example: If a person starts their dosing at 3:00 pm for example, their last dose would be at  10:00 pm if on the eight hour protocol. This means that before 1:00 pm they can have their  coffee, tea or orange juice— things which are not compatible with MMS, at least 2 hours  before starting the protocol.  

The idea is to adjust your dosing to fit your needs and schedule—see what works for you, but  do keep in mind these important rules:
* Do not take an MMS dose with your meals, space out food consumption and your MMS dose by 20-30 minutes.
* During the hours you are actually taking your MMS doses, try not to eat big “feast” types of meals, but rather eat smaller meals and/or snacks.
* Do not eat or drink things that neutralize MMS during your dosing hours. 

Nutritional Supplements and the HRP (Health Recovery Plan)
There are two basic reasons for doing the HRP (Health Recovery Plan): The main reason is to eradicate a disease and recover your health.
Possibly equally important, is for cleansing purposes, to detox and thus get rid of poisons in the body, which can then help clear up a number of health problems both small and large. 

If you have a disease of most any kind then the decision is simple. What you want to do is  eliminate the disease. When someone is sick, and especially if they are seriously sick, it is a  good time for the person to boost up nutrition and again when the person has completed the protocol. This is because pathogens also feed on  good nutrition, so in a sense, if you are taking nutritional supplements while on the protocols,  you are building up with one hand and tearing down with another. In addition, some  nutritional supplements neutralize MMS.  

This is especially true with cancer, and any number of major diseases, (such as Lyme,  Hepatitis A, B, C, HIV/AIDS, MRSA, and the list goes on and on). When you begin these  protocols, it is not the time to simultaneously be building up with an increase of extra  nutrition, because cancer cells for example, and other pathogens, can feed off good nutrition.
You don’t want to do anything to encourage the cancer or other disease to live longer or grow. The idea is to starve and kill the disease, not give it more to thrive on. There are just  about as many theories in this day and age as there are people. But our observations indicate that it is best to use MMS to kill the cancer cells/disease while not promoting any  special nutritional boosts for the body. Then, once the disease is eliminated, one can build up  the immune system through good nutrition—it is a step by step process. Detox first before introducing any new nutritional foods. 

We have seen that those who follow the protocols as outlined in this book have a much better chance of getting well by far, than by following most other theories today. So, if a person has  a major disease, it is very important while on these protocols to avoid supplements for a time, in order to allow the pathogens to die off, with the possible exception of taking a probiotic that provides the stomach with some natural microorganisms that can help aid digestion.  Otherwise, I suggest that one focus on eradicating the disease first, before taking  supplements.  

If you do not have a major disease but want to cleanse from various toxins and heavy metals, and eliminate other things such as skin problems, achy joints, various nagging irritations, and  a myriad of other ailments that are not necessarily life threatening, then you may begin supplementation any time after the first week on the protocol if you believe that they will be  of benefit to you. 

Anytime you are taking vitamins and supplements while dosing with MMS, always be sure to  separate the times of taking these from the times you take your MMS doses, by at least two  hours. It goes without saying, that if you start taking vitamins and supplements, do avoid  synthetic and artificial products. It’s always best to try and eat nutritious whole foods.
A fundamental principle of MMS is that hitting the pathogens every hour does not give pathogens time to regroup and build back up, but instead, being constantly hit without a chance to regroup, they die off. 

Do’s When Taking or Using MMS:
* Be diligent to take your dose consecutively, every hour on the hour. For example, while on  an eight-hour protocol, do not break up your dosing hours such as four hours in the morning,  then a three hour break, then four more hours.

Don’ts When Taking or Using MMS:
* Avoid drinking alcohol, coffee, decaffeinated coffee, caffeinated drinks, tea (black, green  and many herbal teas) milk, orange juice, or any drinks with added Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). 

Notes: Lemon juice, though it is citrus, is much more acidic than MMS and has no negative effect  on it. Orange juice however, in addition to being high in Vitamin C, contains substances other  than Vitamin C which are not compatible with MMS. 

While tea is on this list of “don’ts” there are some (not all) herbal teas that are compatible with MMS. Use the test strip method described in my book on page 139 to be sure what is and is not  compatible. Or do a Google search on “high anti-oxident herbal teas”. 

* Do not take foods or supplements that are particularly high in antioxidants such as Moringa, as these things cancel out the effectiveness of MMS.
* While on a particular protocol it is better to wait until you finish your MMS doses for the day before consuming the above items, or take them first thing in the morning, then wait two  hours before starting your MMS dosing. Space them out by at least 2 hours after your last  daily dose, or two hours before starting your daily dosing.
* When handling MMS, do not put MMS down the drain if you have a septic tank, as MMS will  kill the flora in your tank and this can cause it to quit working.
* It is very important that you never use MMS (sodium chlorite solution) without mixing it with citric acid, HCl, or another proven food-grade acid to activate it.  This could create a very bad problem (see note below). Once MMS is activated, you must mix  it with water before consuming or applying it to the skin (the amount of water you add varies  according to the protocol).
There is only one exception to this rule and that is using inactivated MMS on a burn, see page  111 in Jim Humble’s book. 

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Reference links:
1.     If you have Telegram there are several excellent MMS groups and oine called TUA Videos (The Universal Antidote Videos)

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