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No need to wait in a queue or to even leave your home … consult online with our trusted expert doctor colleague of around twenty years.  He is not in South Africa but does respond very quickly.  He specialises in the simplest, most natural cost-effective recommendations.  You are welcome to include any x-rays or medical documents when requesting a consultation.   E-mail address provided below

Doctor Online (from the heart)

Bio-Sil receives a high volume of health-related enquiries.
Since we are not in a position to offer qualified health recommendations we are delighted to be working with a kind and caring doctor of many years’ experience in diverse fields of health.
Dr. Haresh will be happy to assist people online.
He has many successful cases to his credit and we are now able to share this wisdom with our extended circle of family, friends, customers and newbies

This is not about selling Bio-Sil products and recommended protocols often do not include any.
Here is an example of a part protocol prescribed for a family member:

Firstly get NAC which is Nacetyl cysteine and sold as ACC 200 in SA at a chemist. She must dissolve this in water
and take it 3 times a day 500mg.

Secondly Zinc and Selenium combo
Thirdly boil Rooibos tea with a pinch of Turmeric and black pepper with an inch of Cinnamon and 5 star Anise, an inch of grated ginger ….boil for 15 minutes..add two teaspoons of raw honey and a teaspoon of brandy
She must drink this twice daily

She will sweat it out with this and feel better in 24 hours
(and so it was!)


This kind doctor is currently in India working to help the poor communities for free.   He regularly donates the proceeds from this R150 consultation fee, to the elderly domestic lady who worked for his family when he lived in South Africa several years ago


Please note:  It is not necessary to provide a shipping address when checking out as the consultation is online either via e-mail,
Whatsapp or Face Time

Work experience (50+ years)
Private Medical Practitioner with special interest in communicable and non-communicable diseases, pain relief, minor surgery and anaesthetics.


Education :
Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery
Diploma in Anaesthesiology

E-mail: –
Please go ahead and contact the doctor directly.- just provide your order number and as much case history information / photographs, as possible.  Thanks!

Please note:  Confidentiality
All information between doctor and client will be confidential and is not available to anyone else
It is not necessary to include personal details other than the health issue in question and history thereof; any medical reports, pictures etc.

Consultation R150
E-mail address:
Please send as much information as is necessary


Review:        Carpe diem! This caring doctor has given me and my family invaluable health advice over many years. It is wonderful that his advice can now be accessible to anyone.  He literally saved my life with a (remote) very correct diagnosis of Lyme (tickbite) when everyone else diagnosed and treated for spider bite!   

Review:       Thank you very much. You are a man of high integrity and I thank you for serving my family with great care.
I admire you Dr Haresh. More consultations to follow soon.
Warm regards

To view some of Dr Haresh’s broader work, here is a most informative link (with a short extract for this page) :


Chlorine dioxide solution (CDS) / Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) is a popular and highly effective HIV/AIDs cure. When combined with DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide), this medicine is made even more powerful and its healing effects are more pronounced. These two medicines used together in conjunction with a healthy diet and detoxification protocols (enemas and sea salt water) have demonstrated a surprisingly high cure rate for HIV / AIDs. There are a few different ways that CDS and/or DMSO can be administered in order to achieve success in curing this disease.

CDS may be taken orally as a treatment for HIV. HIV-positive individuals who have taken CDS orally and via enema have reported that they have been able to stop taking their prescription HIV medicines. DMSO can also be mixed with CDS that is taken orally (never add DMSO to an enema) to produce more powerful, effective results. The following CDS/MMS protocol can be used by HIV patients to treat their disease at home (it is also known as the Protocol 1000 in Jim Humble’s books):

  1. MMS PROTOCOL: If using MMS solution (28% sodium chlorite + 50% citric acid), activate 3 drops of solution each hour and take it immediately. Take once an hour for 8 hours every day. If you wish, you may add 6 drops of DMSO to this mix as well. Make sure you use a clean, dry, glass container to mix this solution.
  2. CDS PROTOCOL: If using a CDS solution (wherein the sodium chlorite and the citric acid have already been mixed), combine 10ml of the chlorine dioxide solution with 1 liter of fresh, purified water. Mix the two together in a glass jar. Add 40-50 drops of DMSO to oral doses of CDS if you wish (make sure you cap the bottle tightly during storage). Measure and drink 100ml of the solution every hour for 8 hours every day..





7 reviews for Doctor Online

  1. Yvonne


    Dr H is a doctor with heart above all – he just wants to help people with his lifetime of gained wisdom. We’re blessed to have him with us

  2. Johann


    Dr Haresh has given my family a huge boost towards abundant health with both chronic and acute issues! I would recommend his services to anyone whether it be serious cases or just to evaluate improvements you can make for enhanced health. He might just give you the second opinion that makes the real difference!

  3. Theresa Klasen

    Theresa Klasen

    Very happy with the product

  4. Kerry


    Incredible value!
    I received a customised protocol specific to my symptoms of which I was really struggling.
    What a wonderful service, Dr H is compassionate and incredibly knowledgeable !
    Thank you thank you !! Very much appreciated

  5. Sean


    What a wonderful Doctor. Thank you Dr Haresh for showing me a more natural route against tetanus. Your consultation
    Was straight to the point and saved me from having to go have the nasty injection.

  6. Marius


    I wish to thank Biosil for having Dr. Haresh on this platform. He supplied me with so much helpful information and know what is going on in the world at the moment. Great knowledge in medicine and giving professional advice. I recommend his services to anybody that needs clarity on their health related matters. He was my lifesaver today. Doctor, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Thanks so much.
    Marius Bruwer

  7. Biosilheart


    Absolutely love this.

    My son had a bit of flu, so we hooked up with the lovely doctor, did a diagnosis and treatment protocol over the phone, and sent us a Doctor’s letter as well.

    Simple, fast and efficient!

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