Gut / Liver Partners in Health

The Gut-Liver Axis:Partners in WellnessBeyond its crucial role in digestion and nutrient absorptions, the gut’s influences extend to the intricate liver, making it a pivotal component of our overall well-being. The liver serves as the central hub for detoxification – responsible for neutralizing toxins, metabolizing essential nutrients, and synthesizing protein and enzymes. All of these

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Gut Health

Toxin Binders (when detoxing)

MMS and other forms of detox may well benefit from toxin binders! Binders are incredibly beneficial for detox and work by:● Clearing out toxin buildup● Inducing biofilm removal in the gut● Alleviating gas and bloating● Preventing acute poisoning When your body is working correctly, the intestines, gallbladder, and liver all work together to break down

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