Benefits include – Energy, Memory, Intelligence, Detoxification, Oxygenation, Potency, Bone Strengthening, and Regeneration


Shilajit – two options available for you :

Two options:
1. Shilajit Powder
2. Shilajit Capsules

Now available in vegan capsules and powder

A tip for using powdered Shilajit:
As the powder can turn sticky when added to water, here is another way to prepare it.
Add powder to a jar
Top up with purc clean boiling water and allow to cool
Just add to your coffee, smoothie or glass of water


Option 1:
90ml pure Shilajit Powder

Option 2:
90 Vegan capsules
Each capsule: 500mg

Not irradiated, nutraceutical, no additives, GMO-free, Sourced in India,
Kosher Certified, Halaal certified

Store at room temperature

Suggested dosage:
A quarter (1/4) teaspoon stirred well in hot or warm water.
It does not dissolve properly in cold water.

1 capsule for children daily
2 capsules daily for adults

The powderis brown but if you add water to it,it turns almost black


What makes this product so sought after?
It is one of the rarest substances in the world
It is difficult and costly to obtain
It is historically one of the most important and powerful compounds in Ayurveda and folk medicine
It is the top-selling supplement of all time for male virility in the world with huge demand in Asia

Shilajit’s Rarity
The graph below shows data from independent sources that reveal Shilajit is at the top of the list of the rarest things on Earth. Rarer and more expensive than saffron, 100-year balsamic vinegar, and the world’s most expensive wine, Château Petrus ’82. Search online for articles about fakes of these substances and you will find many for the same reasons that Shilajit is imitated.

shilajit is one of the rarest things on earth



Further Information:


What is shilajit?



**  I love the Shilajit powder I got from Biosil. At first, I could not dissolve it easily in water or milk. I then realized I must dissolve it in honey and a little Black Pepper. My heart ❤ does not make a noise anymore and I don’t have to take headache tablets    JE

**  I can already feel the benefits of this wonderful product – recovering from a health condition I know it is helping me back up.  I am also sprinkling a little in my pets’ drinking water!   GT

**  Love this product – I am adding it to my children’s smoothies – it is tasteless and not detectable!    MN


Weight50 g

Powder, Capsules


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