Nicotine Tincture – nature’s gift to humanity


A unique formulation primarily designed to help counteract the negative effecdts of spike protein on the body …. and so much more.  Please see video link below

Nicotine Tincture

50 ml organic, not irradiated

Potentially helpful in counteracting the effects of spike protein.

Growing Tobacco : 6 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables tobacco plant

Further benefits recently uncovered:
This is a riveting and “must watch” presentation which leaves one feeling hopeful, positive and awakened!
It is well worth taking time to view this entire video, either in chunks or one bite!
First comes the background which is important to understand and then from around 1h 26minutes hear about the incredible benefits of nicotine on just about every health condition!

Just click on the pink link above to watch

Suggggested dosage:
Start with 1 drop 3 times daily.
Dilute each drop in a little water.

Gradually increase dosage, if needed, up to 20 drops 3 times daily

Please note:
It is essential to drink plenty of fresh clear, pure water during this detox process

…. and More!
Here is another, shorter interview with Dr Ardis on the subject and a summary thereof, just click on the link:

Nicotine is not addictive, contrary to the FDA’s decades-long lie. It is a nutrient found in
many plants, with potential to treat Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MS, and even reverse
COVID-19 symptoms. The government’s demonization of nicotine was driven by economic
and political motives to boost pharmaceutical profits.

Key moments:
00:05 Nicotine, often demonized, is presented as a magical medicinal substance by Dr.
Brian Artis, challenging traditional beliefs about its benefits and origins.
-Dr. Brian Artis challenges conventional views on nicotine, highlighting its presence
in various plants beyond tobacco, like eggplants and tomatoes.
-The importance of expanding families and having more children as a way to
counter depopulation agendas and societal norms.
06:08 Nicotine is not addictive, as revealed in a presentation where tobacco heads
admitted under oath that nicotine is not addictive, despite FDA warnings since 1994. The
lie about nicotine’s addictiveness is part of a larger propaganda strategy to manipulate
public perception.
-The role of propaganda in perpetuating the lie about nicotine’s addictiveness,
drawing parallels to historical propaganda tactics used by Joseph Goebbels under Hitler’s
-Harvard’s 2015 study showed nicotine’s lack of addictiveness compared to other
substances, leading to a request for tobacco companies’ research papers to understand
how they made products addictive.
12:12 Nicotine is not the addictive chemical in tobacco products; a man-made chemical
called Pines has been added since 1970 to make them addictive, as revealed in 1970s
tobacco industry documents.
-The misconception of nicotine being addictive is debunked, highlighting the
deliberate addition of Pines by the tobacco industry to increase product addiction since the
-Discussion on the presence of nicotine in various plants like eggplants, tomatoes,
bell peppers, and potatoes, shedding light on nicotine as a natural nutrient in plants.
-Exploration of the FDA’s approval of 13 different perazine ingredients, not nicotine,
to be added to tobacco products, emphasizing the role of Pines in addiction.
18:15 Nicotine was falsely portrayed as addictive, leading to a decline in tobacco use
among American adults. Smokers were found to be less susceptible to COVID-19 due to
nicotine’s interaction with the virus.
-Misconception of nicotine’s addictiveness led to a significant decrease in tobacco
product usage among American adults by 2020.
-Smokers were observed to have lower susceptibility to COVID-19 due to nicotine’s
impact on the virus, as explained by DNA testing on spike proteins.
-Nicotine, often demonized, was highlighted as a nutrient that stimulates cell activity,
contradicting its classification as a drug by the FDA.
24:20 Nicotine is not addictive, but man-made chemicals like arsenic and sugar added to
tobacco products are the real cancer-causing agents. The demonization of nicotine by the
FDA and government is based on lies to manipulate public perception.
-Tobacco has been used for centuries in various cultures for medicinal purposes
before being manipulated by big tobacco with cancer-causing chemicals like arsenic and
-The FDA and government orchestrated a 30-year campaign to demonize nicotine,
leading to false beliefs about addiction and cancer, while hiding the harmful effects of
added chemicals.

-Recent actions by the government, like Joe Biden’s plan to regulate nicotine levels
in tobacco products, continue the misinformation campaign against nicotine’s addictive
32:27 Nicotine, found in vegetables, has health benefits like reversing Parkinson’s and
preventing Alzheimer’s. Governments are banning tobacco products despite nicotine’s
potential benefits, leading to global health agendas against nicotine.
-Governments worldwide are implementing strict measures to eradicate tobacco
products, ignoring nicotine’s potential health benefits found in vegetables like green
-Nicotine’s health benefits include reversing Parkinson’s and preventing Alzheimer’s,
as proven during the pandemic.
36:27 Nicotine has shown potential in reversing Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, multiple
sclerosis, brain cancers, and more, but there is a push to suppress its benefits for
economic gains through pharmaceutical sales and lobbying.
-Personal testimonial of a man with Parkinson’s disease being cured by nicotine
patches, showcasing the impact of nicotine on neurological diseases.
-Discussion on the pharmaceutical industry’s influence in suppressing the truth
about nicotine’s curative properties to promote drug sales and maintain control.
-Revelation of nicotine’s potential in reversing myocarditis, contrasting the benefits
of nicotine against the suppression of its benefits for economic interests.
42:30 Nicotine treatment has shown promising results in reversing symptoms like
myocarditis, brain tumors, and autism, with potential benefits in preventing acute COVID
symptoms and vaccine injuries.
-The potential of nicotine treatment in reversing brain tumors and brain tumor
symptoms within 72 hours is highlighted, showcasing its rapid effectiveness.
-The use of nicotine patches to reverse autism symptoms in children and adults
globally in seven days or less is discussed, revealing surprising outcomes.
-The economic implications of the suppression of information on the benefits of
nicotine and apricot seed contents are mentioned, emphasizing the financial gains from


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