Epsom Salts


Epsom salt, also known as Magnesium Sulfate, is a versatile product with a wide range of uses

Epsom Salts

1 kg pure Epsom Salt
Food grade
Not irradiated

Further information:
The chemical composition of Epsom Salts is :
magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen, which are all essential nutrients for plants and animals

Pathogens flushed pronto:
Epsom Salts flushes out pathogens whole and alive from the body, meaning there’s no die off period

Most para-cleanses kill the bug inside you causing their cells to explode and release their toxins in your system, making you feel worse and making it harder for your body to expel and return to wellness again.
Further information can be found here :

Foot Spa:
Epsom salt is commonly used in bath salts, as it can help to soothe sore muscles, relieve stress, and improve skin health.
It can also be added to foot soaks, to help alleviate foot pain and reduce swelling


The Benefits of Epsom Salt Soaks — Advanced Feet & Ankle Care


– Relief of general muscular aches and pains
– Relief from colds and congestion symptoms
– Helps muscles and nerves function properly
– Helps prevent blood clots and also hardening of arteries
– Helps to eliminate toxins from the body

Epsom Salts in the garden:
Magnesium deficiency is one of the main reasons Epsom Salts are so useful: this compound helps to replenish magnesium and adds nutrients naturally

The signs of magnesium deficiency are common in many plants. If the foliage of your plants is turning yellow, especially around the veins of the leaves, this may be a sign of deficiency. Other signs include the green color of the foliage starts to look pale, browning, or even red.

Before using Epsom salts, check if the yellowing of your plant’s foliage isn’t from overwatering.  Overwatered plants usually look limp and weak, with mushy black roots. If this isn’t the case, your plant may really be suffering from a true Magnesium deficiency.

To use Epsom salts to replenish magnesium-deficient plants, mix 1 tablespoon per 4 litres of water and drench all over the soil like regular water, or spray the mix over your plant leaves.  Unfortunately, Epsom salt can’t bring a yellowing leaf back to its original green shine. However, it’s a great way to make sure no more of the plant loses color.

Weight1000 g


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