Bio-Sil Feedback


*I just wanted to thank you for the great products that you have made available to us the masses. . It gives me such joy to know that when I push through the products I buy from Biosil, I am exposing people to high quality products of excellent standards. In turn also keeping my reputation intact . It is a great feeling to hear people getting well, instead of them having uinspiring reactions to the products, those are my happiest moments. 

Nothing much to say, except: Thank you so much for your services, you inspire me. Blessings always to you and Biosil family. 

"As long as you keep providing a product that makes my life better, I will keep buying it ;)  On a separate note, I just want to compliment you on the customer experience when dealing with your company. I'm a consultant working with a lot of the big corporates, and I've actually used Bio-sil as an example of a company where the customer experience is significantly better than theirs."

*Keep up the good work!

You are awesome! I am honoured to be part of the family

*Thank you for the very prompt delivery... best and quickest service ever! 

*So far it has been a pleasure to do business with your company. We`ve reached that stage in our live where we need supplements to assist us and to maintain our health and it make things so much easier if you can deal with people that really cares. To venture into the field of homeopathic and natural medicines, can be quite a daunting experience as we have discovered. We are complete novices as far as these things are concerned and you must please excuse us if we should ask some stupid questions

*Dear Yvonne,  I would like to thank you and your team for your excellent service and I can only recommend you. I can truly say that Bio-Sil is more than just a name and a business and I believe that we will still become good friends on this road of abundant health

*I have just taken delivery of my latest purchase from yourselves and am once again blown away. Considering it was 3rd January I ordered on line, I expected a bit of a delay but not at all. You kept me informed re tracking and delivery and at approx. 9.30 this Monday morning there was the courier with my goodies. Fantastic service

*Thank you for superb products and service

*Thank you for the products that I am finding to be very helpful in my family and to my friends. And as usual delivery was prompt. Great dealing with you guys and will support as much as I can

*I am very grateful I stumbled upon your product line. I feel they are o the utmost quality and will spread the word on how they have assisted me and how efficient and genuine the service is.

*Great stuff, I hope you reach many people and continue to prosper. I’ve only heard great things about your colloidal silver product line

*Thank you for awesome service once again!

*You are providing such a God given service to one of the most important human needs, our health. I have had quite a few enquiries for this particular product (MMS) through an intermediary.  Father B

*If more businesses operated like yours does, South Africa would have a booming economy! Keep it up

*Thank you so much for the excellent service. I hadn’t expected a delivery within 24 hours

*Well, I must certainly send you an awesome big THANK YOU for processing.I opened my parcel late last night, after finishing my rounds of the farm – what a pleasure. The attached photo shows it, on the side of my computer … so that every time I look at my monitor, I’m reminded of some special people who I hope to meet personally one day soon!!! Sending energies to all of you for a truly Wonderful Wizardly Wednesday!!!!


I have experimented with Baobab and have found it to be superior to other products – this has been proven through blood tests.   I take a combination of 2 Baobab capsules in the morning and ¼ tsp crushed eggshells (for calcium deficiency).   The combo of these have restored the mineral balance in my body. When a live blood analysis was undertaken, it revealed bacteria in the blood – white platelets were clumping together, with streaky lines, indicating the blood leaching calcium from the bones.  Within a week this was rectified as indicated by the next live blood analysis.


I have been using the black cumin seeds for 1 month and as a bonus, my eyesight has improved.  I was battling with my glasses and when I went to the optometrist, they said the glasses are now too strong, so my prescription has come down. I am super impressed and will be sharing this product with friends and family.


*I love your products!  I recently tried the Black Salve and thought my face is going to fall off my head!  But it turned out I couldn’t have been happier with the end results. Many thanks for bringing these products to our country


*Lifelong eczema cleared in two months, taking 1 tbsp colloidal silver daily

*I am 80 years old – I just love your colloidal silver.  I take it straight from the bottle for sore throats and ear pain and it is absolutely wonderful

*Thanks – I have been taking your Colloidal Silver for years. Our family live on the colloidal to stay healthy. Fantastic product

*I suffered a lifetime of eczema and after about 2 months of taking colloidal silver every day, it has completely cleared up


I've been applying the DMSO i bought from you guys every day for 4 days now. I was diagnosed with severe peripheral neuropathy and allodynia. I've been in acute pain for 4 years and been on any and every dangerous drug to help with the pain. The meds have affected my eyes badly and because of not being able to walk much for having too much pain, my leg muscles have wasted away.:( 

After the very 1st applicationt to my back where i had much pain all 4 years also the pain subsided.. not only in my back and hip but the neuropathy in my feet also! For the first time in all these years i was able to walk like a normal person...only have very slight burning in my feet and behind my legs however,  it isn't enough to keep my attention to it. You have NO idea how relieved i am and thankful for DMSO and YOU!


*I would like to thank you for the excellent service and advice that you have given me regarding my dog’s treatment for her bladder tumours that occupied ¾ o her bladder. The Vet told us that there was nothing they could do for her, she would just start having organ failure .. and then we met you – Heaven sent.  We have been using the Essiac tea capsules, fulvic acid powder and MMS drops for 2 months now and have had excellent results. Our dog is able to empty her bladder normally and the swelling on her groin area has decreased considerably. We are treating her “outside tumours” on her belly with Turmeric powder/coconut oil and castor oil mixed into a paste and applied to the sores. It is amazing how this mixture has cleared the sores. We use the Biosil Colloidal Lotion in the morning as she will ot keep a dressing on in this heat, we also have had excellent results. All in all your products are working and we can only say “Thank you” from the bottom of our heart.


Thanks Yvonne for the work you are doing. The lithium oratate is a miracle. Love and light

*My man decided to go off the lithium orotate and see (so I kept quite and waitin). He has had such a down fall with his BIPOLAR. He woke up this morning asking me to order ASAP as he is feeling horrible, on the edge and anxious. Proof is in the pudding, your products ROCK. Thank you so much.

*Since taking Lithium Orotate (to get out of depression), for a couple of weeks .. a friend wanted to know more about the product and googled it while she was with me. She discovered that it helps with migraines and cluster headaches and the penny dropped for me – an aha moment, I realised I don’t get headaches any longer

*After taking Lithium Orotate for a few months I read that it helps with the shingles virus .. I realised that in addition to the help with my depression, I hardly get an outbreak of the herpes virus, whereas it was a regular occurrence every month for years

*Thanks Biosil .. mainly for Lithium Orotate, saved me from depression and anxiety and from having to try again maybe antidepressants, now life is love, only ause the small doses of Lithiumn have levelled my mood and chemicals way better than anything I have ever tried. And I have tried .. so thanks

*I have been using the Lithium Orotate for approximately 4 months now through an extremely stressful period on a number of fronts and found that it has helped me cope without ‘dumbing’ me down. Thank you for superb products and service.


Wearing lipstick and certain lip-ices  has never helped with my cracked lips.. no matter how much a plastered the stuff on. It would dry my lips out and crack. Lulubee brought our their lip nectar range and I thought, heck, why not try it... I have never ever looked back.. my lips never dry out any more, no more thick and greasy feeling, as this balm is smooth and light weight. it is easily applied and lasts throughout the night, the consistency and smell of the lime & jasmine is my absolute favourite. When it comes to that special occasion I pop on my lipstick and put the balm over and it keeps my colour and lips looking lush. Thank you Lulubee❤ for yet another amazing product.


*A result of heavy training in training shoes, I ended up with a toe fungus – but it was healed within days after frequent applications of Moringa Oil