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Cancer and more – Nicotine to the rescue!

Here is a summary of the second video below: Nicotine is not addictive, contrary to the FDA’s decades-long lie. It is a nutrient found inmany plants, with potential to treat Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MS, and even reverseCOVID-19 symptoms. The government’s demonization of nicotine was driven by economicand political motives to boost pharmaceutical profits. Key moments:00:05 Nicotine,

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Parasites – The Kalcker Parasite Protocol

Extracts taken from this book and the section entitledThe Kalcker Parasite Protocol https://mmsinfo.org/protocols/Kalcker_Parasite_Protocol-K._Rivera_2014_book.pdf All of our fathers had a treatment for parasites as a part of their cultural practice. We have gotten away from this because of our reliance on modern practice. We would do quite well to relearn the ways of our ancestors in

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“A couple of days ago, Mrs Clarence reminded me of a saying, the original sayer of which I do not remember. Perhaps it was Mrs Clarence herself. The saying goes like this:  you can say almost anything to people, speak your truth to anyone, as long as you say it kindly Which feels like a

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