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MORINGA – health benefits for pets

Oct 16, 2019 | 0 comments

Moring – health benefits for pets

You likely already know about the many nutritional benefits that moringa can have when added to your diet. So why not add it to your pets’ diets as well?


Reasons to consider adding MORINGA to your pets’ food

You might be surprised to know that a pretty significant portion of the common pet foods on the market are filled with what basically amounts to junk food for pets. They have meat by-products, synthetic vitamins, GMO corn and are simply poor quality food items. Even the better brands might be missing some of the most important nutrients for your pets. Putting moringa in your pets’ food provides some of the nutrients they would otherwise be lacking Those low-quality foods often lead to health problems.

Pets tend to develop arthritis as they age because the commercial food they eat every day of their lives is of such poor quality. Moringa helps to keep joints and muscles healthy, so arthritis symptoms will be lessened or avoided.

Other organs can gain a lot of benefits from the introduction of moringa to the diet as well. Moringa improves the immune system, just as it does in humans. This is especially important in winter when animals (just like humans) are more susceptible to illness. You can use moringa as a supplement for your animals as well as yourself! Moringa boosts energy. Have you noticed your pets seeming lethargic? Again, this probably has to do with the quality of their food. The nutrients in moringa will give them the jolt of energy they need to get up and move around. This is especially important for older animals. It helps obese animals.

Obesity has risen in pets due to poor nutrition. Help to fight those symptoms by feeding them ‘marvellous’ moringa.

With love to you and your pets 

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