VIRUSES – not the boogeymen after all!

Exosomes vs Viruses

Written by Jeff Green
Alternative Nutrition/Researcher

Exosomes are parts of the processes of viral behavior, just as white blood cells (antibodies) are part of the processes, both having dual roles when needed. It can be said that exosomes are indistinguishable from viruses in some cases. Exosomes are the same size as viruses (0.1 microns)—and vary in size, but are mostly of similar size. They are secreted by cells and are extracellular vesicles that transport messages between cells to inform each other when they are in danger. They also transport molecules needed for cellular life between cells. They are intercellular communication agents. Viruses are replicated in the cell—exosomes are not, and are not released in high numbers as viruses are.

Vaccines: I write extensively about this in my book and speak about it in my videos. Vaccines do not prevent disease. They cannot, by nature. I explain that in the presentation. Vaccines introduce proteins that are supposed to initiate the immune response to manufacture specific antibodies, but this is not how the body functions. Immunity does not come from antibodies. Antibodies are regulating agents. They’re merely white blood cells that regulate infection, and thus, the healing process. Viruses are part of the healing phase. Each cell manufactures hundreds to thousands or more viruses. Every 72 hours, a minutely new but similar virus is manufactured, which the body uses to cleanse parts that the first did not. No vaccine could ever spark immunity because the body does not recognize foreign debris as being useful to the body in any way, and so the body attempts to flush that toxicity from the blood.

Viruses work on a lock-and-key system which is given by the cell (RNA/DNA). Each cell has differing RNA/DNA, therefore, it is impossible that a foreign viral protein would initiate any recognition from the body. There is no forced ‘immunity’. It is nonsensical, and highly dangerous—even deadly.

When it comes to why viruses like chickenpox and measles are one-time detoxifications, the answer is quite simple. It is because these viruses are childhood detoxifications and are meant to strengthen the developing immune system. Other viruses, like flu and cold, are something one will experience throughout one’s entire life. There are 320,000 different viral strains inherent to the body. Each one is intelligently manufactured by cells, and through the transcription and translation process, determine how that virus will function—In particular, what type of tissue the virus has the ‘authority’ to dissolve. RNA/DNA that makes up the virus are lock-and-key systems that allow it to dissolve specific tissues and tissue in and around cells, and parts of cells, with the same RNA/DNA. This is highly regulated by antibodies, which deliver specific matter, and other toxic matter to the virus for dissolution. So, viruses and antibodies work as one unit.

If the body is highly toxic—that is if there is a large number of toxins floating in the blood, and existing in tissue, the symptoms of viral breakdown will be greater. Toxins broken down by viruses must be excreted by the body. When excretion happens it requires binding nutrients that help neutralize their caustic effects and helps escorts them out of the body. The body cannot eliminate such matter without it first being broken down into minuscule particles. Viruses are able to do this if the toxin is too great for a living microbe to consume without being poisoned to death. Then, the matter is expelled out of the body. A greater degree of symptoms will be experienced if that person is highly toxic because the body is working hard to break down and eliminate those toxins from the body. That means symptoms like coughing, sneezing, heavy mucus & phlegm, fever, all increase in order to expel that matter from the body. That is how the body functions. Without symptoms, the body cannot rid itself of toxicity—toxins must be expelled somehow.

Again, viruses are not contagious.
And remember that viruses will only occur if there is some sort of severe toxic substance that is inside the body which cannot be broken down by regular living microbial methods, such as phagocytes, bacteria, parasites, or fungi. This is why vaccines cannot work. Hypothetically, they do work to suppress the immune system in such a way that prevents these detoxifications, because the body can only focus on one major insult at once, therefore, detoxifications are put on hold while it deals with vaccine chemicals now in the body. So then, you have a problem on top of a problem.

Hypothetically speaking, if vaccines did work, the body would never properly detoxify toxins, and so then how would the body actually cleanse itself in the face of toxicity? Answer: It could not. That person would die an early death from eventual disease manifestation and toxic overload. Eventually, toxins will reach a level where the body can no longer regulate them rationally, and the body will become weak and die. Viruses are a last resort in this regard, and stopping their processes is inane and stupid, and results in unnecessary death. Trust the body always, for It is more intelligent than the mind.

Source: Exosomes vs Viruses – Viruses Are Not Contagious

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  1. Not everyone will buy what is written here. But I do. I believe viruses play an important role. Now I understand how. Thank you.

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