HEALING and HEALTH – Suggested Protocols

Are you experiencing happy health at this time?

If not, please take a look at some suggestions for
all natural potential remedies:

Select what feels right for you and do remember this:
Laughter is the best medicine!!!!

Laugh from your toes | polysyllabic profundities

  1. MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution from Jim Humble and Dr Andreas Kalcker).  MMS is highly recommended for just about every health challenge!
    Please be sure to follow the instructions which are provided with the product or on the website where there is also a simple video showing how to activate the drops.  Further information such as downloadable books are available upon request if you just drop an e-mail to :  info@biosil.co.za
  2. Zinc, MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) and D3.  This combination helps stop viral replication) within the cells
  3. Pine Oil also halts harmful replication within the cells.
  4. Wormwood / Artemisia.   An anti-viral and anti-parasitic
  5. Hypochlorous Acid – nebulising solution.    Nebulise 3-5 times per day – it feels so good!
  6. Colloidal Silver
  7. Some people have an allergic reaction to infections which cause asthma-like symptoms.  In such cases, we recommend Asthma Remedy Tincture
  8. Ivermectin

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We wish you abundant and great health

To simplify accessing these products, you are welcome to e-mail your request for a quotation on the ones you have selected to:
and enquiries to: info@biosil.co.za

We’ll be happy to assist you wherever we can


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