Zeolite Powder’s benefits

Zeolite Skeleton structure Image

Did you know, Zeolite 

  • Is able to help the body balance pH by providing alkalizing minerals 
  • Helps the body eliminate toxins and heavy metals which cause havoc in the body
  • Supports healthy kidney function

Many foods (think white bread, rice, or any processed foods) are acid-forming in the body, while most green veggies are alkalizing to the body. Alcohol, pesticides, pollution, and even chronic stress also add to acidity. An overly acidic body shows signs of strain such as headaches, chronic inflammation, mood disorders, persistent fatigue, and much more.

ZEOLITE contains alkalizing minerals (calcium, potassium and magnesium) which are inside honeycomb cages. The zeolite cage gives the body beneficial minerals and takes bad toxins in exchange. The biggest role zeolite plays in alkalizing the body relates to how it helps the kidneys.

Your kidneys maintain your internal pH. Yet many heavy metals impair kidney function. Since zeolite can help your body eliminate heavy metals, it supports optimal kidney health, so your kidneys can efficiently balance your body’s pH.

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