Real Rife Machine successes

Great news with a situation that started out as very bleak and worrisome for the family who have provided this information :

08:57, 29/04/2024]
My brother who is 87, had a fall and broke his hip.
After a successful operation, he was in ICU.
He was doing well but contracted an infection in his lungs. After a week when he was not responding to the doctors opinion, the wanted to move him to a general ward.
My sister got a Pure Rife machine to see if we could help him. At this stage, he was unresponsive.
With the first sessions on the Rife, his infection count was, 222, 218,250 and 260.
It was clear that his infection was responding to the Rife.
An upward trend is normal when you start using the Rife.
It then changed direction and started going down, 222,205, 200,135, 89 and 64.
At this stage he was moved to a general ward.
It took almost 2 weeks to bring the infection down. After 2 days in the general ward he was discharged and when home.

We are certain that without the support and the Rife, my brother would not have survived this ordeal.

Eczema healed
This is a before and after image of someone who was suffering with eczema
This took approximately two weeks before the second picture was taken

Image 1

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