Random Acts of Kindness

R A K 

(Random Acts of Kindness)

We at Bio-Sil have revamped an old but beautiful concept which can change the world around us very quickly!

R A K (Random Acts of Kindness) are heart-based,  incredibly easy, don’t have to cost a cent and anyone of any age, can participate

Our children are super bright and all of the little ones I have spoken to have enthusiastically grasped this concept and run with it! 
So let’s begin with them!

Create our own image :
Share your positive stories to inspire others to spread love and kindness. Here are a few places to share – please just preface your comments with “RAK” so we can quickly place them for sharing:

Whatsapp 082-784-7689
Bio-Sil Community Group on Whatsapp

Below are helpful charts with suggestions available for children to put up on a fridge or cupboard. 

Please do also share the acts of kindness you or your children  experience and/or engage in

Here are some examples of R A Ks for children :

  • Make a card to thank someone or just to let them know you love them
  • Create a little food bag for homeless people
  • At suppertime, chat about the good things that happened that day
  • Create a Family Kindness Jar – ask everyone to contribute acts of kindness the family can do together
  • Download our free kindness charts 
  • Send people kind thoughts and wishes at bedtime
  • Write compliments for people and leave them somewhere for them to find
  • Take a bag and collect litter around your home
  • Help Mom or Dad with a chore around the house such as clearing up after mealtimes and picking up clothes at bath-time
  • Smile at people (like waiters and grocery packers) when you are out with your family
  • Make a picture for someone
  • Always remember to say “thank you” with a big smile
  • Share the idea of gifts of kindness with friends and family
  • Arrange zoom calls with friends and family to share your ideas

Have a look at the lovely interview below:

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