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Radionics Balancer

What is Radionics? 

The secret art of radionics has been with us for more than 120 years and started with Dr Albert Abrams during the late 1800’s and comprises of consciousness interactive technology (CIT) that uses focused consciousness as directed energy or intent. 
The typical radionics instrument, combined with a skilled human operator, can at any distance read and change the information of the subtle fields surrounding any WITNESS (The subject to be balanced is in radionics terms referred to as the WITNESS). The subtle fields are referred to as Intrinsic Data Fields (IDF) which is explained next.

Intrinsic Data Field (IDF)

No human knows precisely why and how radionics or the balancer works, and there have been numerous attempts to postulate operating theories. The most plausible seems to be the invisible Intrinsic Data Field (IDF) theory.
The IDF is also known as the Life Field, Life Blueprint, or Pattern field etc. (More than 200 different names listed to date). The IDF according to the theory radiates a unique energy signature and serves as a holographic template surrounding any physical form and is filled with the subtle energy or aether that is everywhere and the basic building blocks of the universe.

The IDF further comprises of billions of information points or fractals (never ending patterns) which describes the properties of the aether inside the fields.
In the human body the IDF is the master control system. It controls all organs, systems, blood pressure, temperature etc. When the field is distorted by, toxins, emotions, trauma and the like, the organs and systems begin to malfunction. In other words when the IDF is distorted the body begins to lose its balance.
Changing the information points can change the aether properties which result in a change to the physical properties of the body or structure.

Any imbalances (distortions) in the aether as a result of energy flow blockages, prevents self healing. These energy flow blockages are also present in the IDF and if corrected, can help return the physical to its former equilibrium or balance (homeostasis). 
This is then the theory around the radionics secret art and technology used by the balancer.

Energy Field

Typical human fields that can be balanced to clear energy blockages, thus correcting the distorted field. These corrections are subject to approval by the humans higher self for the highest good.

Radionics Balancer:

The dynamic IDF balancer brings the power and magic of radionics to the world and is part of the current CONSCIOUSNESS INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGY revolution.
Absolute simplification of the usually complex radionics dials and controls using the latest computer hardware, software and radionics technology is implemented in the balancer to enable everybody to use the instrument. No special skills are needed.

The balancer is based on the work performed by Gail Hieronymus by reading the IDF information of any witness placed on the WITNESS plate and then generating and storing the remedy (inverse) of the IDF as fractals. This remedy information is then used to remotely change the actual witness IDF information using radionics technology via the 5th dimension. In essence balancing information is transferred to the witness to change the IDF to remove all aether energy blockages and correct distorted information.
The changed IDF is then the blueprint for the aether inside the IDF which can manifest as changed physical properties.

Balancer Uses:

The balancing of human and animal IDF’s are the most common, but there are no limits as to what can be balanced. The only requirement for balancing any form (witness) is a representation of the form as a photo (black and white works well) or DNA sample such as hair or nail clippings when balancing humans, animals or plants.

The balancing normally takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and then several days for the possible physical manifestation into a form that can be felt or observed in the 3rd dimension. The witness can be anywhere in the universe as radionics technology does not follow the normal laws of nature when it comes to time and space. (Operates in the 5th dimension)

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