Soap With Colloidal Silver (Natural)

Soap With Colloidal Silver (Natural)

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PRODUCT: Soap bar - Natural

DESCRIPTION: Gentle, unique, hand-made soap, with glycerin and colloidal silver, which has anti bacterial properties. Unscented, uncoloured

A wonderful product for people with skin ailments and children

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* Baby
* Eucalyptus


Customer feedback

The Natural soap has helped so much with my eczema - I am stocking up and don't ever want to be without it! Rose

While holidaying in South Africa recently the above soap was recommended to my wife for a skin condition on her hands. She purchased several bars in a shop in Knysna and was so pleased with the product that she would like some more. Stephen P


Ingredients: Propylene glycol,Stearic Acid, Lauric acid, Sugar, Glycerine, Colloidal Silver, Lye, SLES 70, SLS 28