Skin Soother with Colloidal Silver 100ml

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PRODUCT: Skin Soother

DESCRIPTION: A creamy gel  made with colloidal silver.  Contains beeswax.

BENEFITS: Can be used to soothe any skin condition such as acne, rashes, bites and stings, shingles and chicken pox

It is a terrific, fragrance-free after shave soother


* This product does not contain any oils or creams
* Can be applied under make-up (for people with acne, eczema and other skin irritations)
* Wonderfully soothing and healing for shingles and chicken pox.
* Excellent results obtained when used for : acne, athlete's foot, boils, burns, cracked heels, eczema, itchy insect bites, skin cancer, sunburn and warts (apply frequently). 

Apply as often as desired :
* Also helps prevent after-waxing and after-shaving rash.
* Best used in conjunction with Bio-Sil liquid (taken internally)
* Apply to a test spot of skin first to check for any possible hyper-allergic reactions.

For Acne :
* Drink up to 30 ml Bio-Sil liquid; use the same liquid as a skin toner; apply Skin Soother or Original Clear Healing Gel 2-3 times a day and wash with Bio-Sil LavenderColloidal Silver Soap.

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