Parasite & Liver Cleanse Combo

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We have a terrific package for you!   A COMPLETE PARASITE  and  LIVER CLEANSE PROGRAMME  Health specialists have found that easily 90% of the people they consult with are victims of parasite infestations and more often than not, fungus (help with fungus is also available at this site)

We now have a comprehensive and affordable programme available.  The complete kit contains very comprehensive information and instructions.


* Black Walnut Hull Tincture

* Wormwood capsules

* Cloves

It is important to follow through with a liver cleanse as the exiting parasites may cause havoc there


Please note :

This detox programme should not be attempted before the parasite cleanse in step 1 above, has been completed

* Epsom Salts

* Black Walnut

* Natra Sleep capsules

Cleaning the liver and bile ducts is one of the most important procedures leading to improved health. Gallstones cause problems: until the body is free from gallstones, stomach/digestive issues such as ulcers or intestinal bleeding may never be permanently cured.


The parasite cleanse must be done before the liver Cleanse. The Parasite
Cleanse is an 18 day protocol after which a maintanance dose is
recomended (every 7 days), The Liver Cleanse takes 24 hours.

The products are for children over 12 years of age. If they should
experience a detoxification reaction (flu like symptoms) then they
should half the dosage

Customer Reviews

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I followed the Parasite Protocol - quite straightforward and easy it was - no negative or uncomfortable reactions.
Then to the Liver Cleanse - this was also far less uncomfortable than I anticipated - all went smoothly and I am feeling the benefits of the cleanout already! I highly recommend the easy steps for everyone to clean out a couple of times a year!