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PRODUCT:  Hypoxis vegan capsules

DESCRIPTION: Hypoxis also known as African Potato (60 vege caps)

BENEFITS: Hypoxis is a powerful African medicinal plant used in the treatment of HIV. It is well known as an immune enhancer containing sterols and sterolins which have been shown to be beneficial for enhancing an under-active immune system or decreasing an overactive system. Hypoxis stands out as the single most widely used natural treatment for HIV in Africa and is promoted by traditional healers across Southern Africa


Serving size : 1 capsule
Servings per container : 60 vege-caps
Amount per serving : 300 mg Hypoxis tuber milled herbs
Suggested use : take 1 capsule twice daily after meals
Contains no sugar, starch, yeast, artificial colours or preservatives 
Hypoxis is considered to have immune modulating properties and is potentially useful as an adjuvant for the treatment of tuberculosis. It is claimed to stabilise CD4 lymphocyte counts in patients with HIV and may be useful in treating inflammatory conditions and pain.
Phytosterols in Hypoxis resemble cholesterol and are used in the treatment of hypercholesterolemia. They are also claimed to have beneficial effects in treating prostate hyperplasia. It is speculated that an inhibition of prostaglandins may be responsible for the benefits seen in the treatment of chronic polyarthritis.
Therapeutic indications: Urinary ailments (especially benign prostate hypertrophy) and chronic polyarthritis.
Efficacy: for use as a treatment for prostate hyperplasia has been pharmacologically proven. Efficacy for use as a treatment for chronic polyarthritis, HIV and as an immune stimulant (tonic) has been traditionally proven.
Contraindications: None
Precautions: Do not use during pregnancy or lactation


Hypoxis : African Potato

A powerful African medicinal plant used in the treatment of HIV. Its well known as an immune enhancer containing sterols and sterolins which have been shown to be beneficial at enhancing an under-active immune system or decreasing an overactive system.
Hypoxis stands out as the single most widely used natural treatment for HIV in Africa and its promoted by traditional healers across Southern Africa.

Product Description
African healers have been treating illness with herbs for centuries and continue to produce results from natural herbs that are readily available in the wild.
In Africa the majority of people (80%) still use herbs as their primary form of healthcare, preferring natural cures to the sometimes dangerous pharmaceutical alternatives.
In Southern Africa Hypoxis or African Potato is considered to be one of the most important herbs for treating cancer and HIV.

In Africa, herbal medicines are often used as primary treatment for HIV/AIDS and for HIV-related problems. Ministries of Health of several African nations currently promote Hypoxis as a traditional medicine for the treatment of HIV and associated symptoms. Two principal African herbal compounds used for HIV/AIDS treatment in sub-Saharan Africa include Hypoxis hemerocallidea (common name: African potato). The corms of H. hemerocallidea are being used for immune related illnesses such as the common cold, flu, arthritis, cancer and HIV/AIDS.

The Hypoxis rooperi plantäó»s healing powers have been scientifically studied and has been hailed as an important breakthrough in the western worldäó»s fight against cancer. Professor Ben Smith, head of the department of oncology at Cape Townäó»s Tygerberg Hospital has treated patients suffering from advanced cancer and found it increased their life expectancy. Victims of cancer of the pancreas usually die within four to six months of diagnosis, but after plant sterol treatment they lived for a year or longer. Although as yet there is no scientific evidence that Hypoxis rooperi eliminates cancer tumors, it does seem to slow down the growth of certain types of tumors. äóìYou Magazine äóñ 10 July 1997. Cancer sufferers also find it lessens the unpleasant side effects of chemotherapy as it boosts the immune system which is drastically lowered by chemotherapy treatment. New to the civilised western nations it could become the panacea of the future for all infections.

For generations Sangomas, the traditional healers of Africa, have used herbs to heal and cure the sick

They have knowledge of herbal medicines that help prevent arthritis, heart disease, cancer and many modern day illnesses. Natural and organically grown plants contain anti-oxidants that shield the body against disease such as arthritis, lung ailments, bronchitis, cancer and even chronic fatigue syndrome. Today, western doctors and scientists are finding that these natural herbs and secret preparations from Africa and other countries do indeed have incredible preventative, curative and rejuvenating qualities.

Traditional healers have used it as muti for treating a variety of ailments. Now the humble African Potato Plant has been found to be an amazing help in treating various modern diseases. This wonder plant boosts the bodyäó»s immune system. Sterols and Sterolins are the active ingredients in this herbal product. These exist in all plants but are highly concentrated and especially abundant in the African potato. The African potato plant remedy developed by a research team led by Professor Bouic, of the University of Stellenbosch medical school, has been hailed as an important breakthrough in the fight against arthritis and as it increases the bodyäó»s natural resistance to disease, it has given fresh hope to treatment of other illnesses from the common cold to cancer. Professor P. Bouic et al.int.J. immunopharmc 1996;(12)693-700

Arthritis sufferers have experienced increased mobility, a marked reduction of inflammation and pain with encouraging overall improvement in their well being after commencing the African Potato Plant treatment.
Further research on the plant extract has shown that the new remedy appears to alert the immune system to produce more C.D4 äóñ T cells, lymphocytes which are then made available to destroy invading viruses and bacteria which cause bodily harm. Cancer : It is known that when an individualäó»s immune system is low then this condition allows cancer cells to multiply. Arthritis : This is an auto-immune disease. Painful joints are caused by the malfunctioning of the immune system. The cause, instead of the symptoms, is now treated with plant sterols and sterolins which regulate the immune system.

Stress : Mental and physical stress has a detrimental effect on the immune system. It is known that healthy marathon runners are prone to colds and influenza immediately following a marathon run. Sterols and sterolins have been shown to reverse this condition.

H.I.V.. : äóìWhen Penelope was diagnosed HIV positive she thought her life was over. She immediately wrote a will and invested money for her baby daughter. That was two years ago. Today, the 28 year old single mother is the picture of health. She has renewed energy and new hope thanks to the plant which encourages the bodyäó»s immune system to fight infection.äó? äóñ äóìYou Magazineäó? 10th July 1997

All vegetables, especially the green and yellow varieties have fatty sterols that are concentrated in the seeds. These sterols are essential to proper immune system function. By Hybridizing plants the levels of these vital sterols is drastically reduced along with many other vital nutrients.

The Hypoxis rooperi, or African Potato as it is usually called, has been found to be genetically over 300,000 years old. Because it has not been genetically modified or engineered in this millennia, the nutrient values are as high as 50,000 times greater than in modern vegetables. We harvest the tubers of this plant which are grown in their natural state and environment in South Africa. Our drying process is a special one which incorporates a more natural process that avoids extreme heat or dehydration such as occurs during freeze drying. The potency, type, and number of sterols in this tuber are exceptionally high.


This product is not designed to diagnose or treat any condition

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Hypoxis (African Potato) vegan capsules (60)