Headache Balm Ointment (30 ml)

Headache Balm Ointment (30 ml)

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PRODUCT:   Headache Balm (30 ml) 

DESCRIPTION:  Lovingly hand-madewith Fresh Lavender, Yarrow Flowers, Essential Oils, Beeswax,Coconut Oil and DMSO 

BENEFITS:  Apply gently to the temples and back of neck to alleviate headaches

Feedback:  "The local minister was invited to dinner but could not make it as a 'migraine' was about to invade her being!! She told me she can feel it starting and normally she has to lie down in a dark room for a few hours. She said the balm worked immediately and 20 mins later she was up and ready to attend dinner


Best kept refrigerated or stored in a cool place