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PRODUCT:  DMSO 99.9% purity   (Dimethyl sulfoxide) 100 ml. Also available in 500 ml ..  

DESCRIPTION:  DMSO is an organo-sulfur compound with the formula (CH3)2SO. This colorless liquid is an important polar aprotic solvent that dissolves both polar and nonpolar compounds and is miscible in a wide range of organic solvents as well as water


DMSO has been used topically to decrease pain and speed the healing of wounds, burns, and muscle and skeletal injuries. It is also used topically to treat painful conditions such as headache, inflammation, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and severe facial pain called tic douloureu. It is best applied with a neutral carrier, such as coconut oil. DMSO also assists topical products to penetrate the skin efficiently


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Excellent advice straight from a Doctor on Arthritis treatment:
For Arthritis DMSO 5 ml twice a day with water will do the job and the joint pains should be gone in a month. But a sugar free diet is the most important.Ginger tea will be better than normal tea. Broccoli and sauerkraut will be ideal for repair of joint in the long term. Avoid all Gluten containing foods. Instead go for Rice. Stop all Corn as it is GMO. Dr B

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DMSO cautionary advice

One of DMSO’s trademark notables is that it is a deep tissue penetrator. When it comes into contact with skin, it progresses deeply into the system while also carrying with it anything that it comes into contact with. You can deliver vitamin C and E oil among other skin remedies more effectively into the skin when it is dissolved with the solvent. Its ability to drive healing agents also does the same with chemicals that may be detrimental to health. For instance, if you apply it topically to the skin and then cover it with colorful clothing, it will take some of the dye with it into the body. For this reason it is important that the application of DMSO is done without covering it with bandages or band aids with adhesive strips, etc. It should be air dried.


Thursday, August 07, 2014 by: Paul Fassa

(NaturalNews) You may remember the stir that DMSO created in the 1970s when it emerged as a miraculous healing agent and adjuvant for treating many health issues. Some MDs were using it on cancer patients successfully. Then, DMSO mostly faded out of the natural healing picture.

Recently, the Camelot Cancer Care clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma, featured DMSO as a major part of their protocol, but it was shut down in 2013 by the FDA and FBI after producing a very high healing rate among cancer patients. Apparently, they've reopened with the stipulation that they would no longer use laetrile, a natural extract banned in the USA but used effectively elsewhere.

A major aspect of Camelot's currently allowable orthomolecular (mega-dose vitamin) treatment incorporates DMSO. It has been proven to carry healing compounds deeply and rapidly into tissue while also having its own properties that promote cancer cell apoptosis (cell death). [1]

Most normal cells are programmed for apoptosis as part of their cycle for allowing new cells to generate. Cancer cells don't have this property. So they claim immortality by never dying on their own and stick around to form tumors.

DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide): From industrial solvent to cancer solvent

Medical interest surfaced in the early 1960s at the Oregon Health and Science University Medical School, where Dr. Stanley Jacob discovered that DMSO could penetrate skin and organ membranes without damaging them. Dr. Jacob researched DMSO further and found several topical analgesic applications for animals and humans.

He went further with injecting or ingesting DMSO for a bladder malady, interstitial cystitis (IC). In 1978, the FDA allowed DMSO to be used for IC. Dr. Jacob has consumed a teaspoonful of DMSO daily for over 30 years and has claimed perfect health. [2]

DMSO has been used to alleviate Crohn's disease suffering. You can search on YouTube for "DMSO 60 Minutes" videos and witness interesting interviews with Dr. Jacob and some of his patients treated for assorted ailments.

But the big deal with DMSO involves treating cancer. R. Webster Kehr of Cancer Tutor and other sites reported on a series of experiments with cancerous animals which discovered that DMSO targets cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone. Kehr recommends using DMSO to get high-pH cesium more deeply into tissues contaminated with cancer cells. [3]

There have been oncologists who have used DMSO with some existing chemotherapy drugs effectively. Instead of the chemo destroying everything in its path as usual, the DMSO escorted the chemo to cancer cells only, thus greatly reducing the amount of chemotherapy needed for a result.

Maybe that's why doctors who had used FDA/AMA-approved chemo drugs with DMSO were shut down. Using only 10% of any chemotherapy drug and getting positive results negatively affects Big Pharma and oncologists' profits.

However, DMSO has been used by itself successfully for cancer. There have been anecdotal cures, and a scientific study published in 2010 in India mentions that much in vitro (lab culture) testing has demonstrated DMSO's ability to induce apoptosis in cancer cells. [4]

They went beyond test tubes and cultures by using DMSO on live animals with non-Hodgkins lymphoma, a blood cancer disease. The DMSO induced cancer cell apoptosis with tumor reduction while leaving non-cancerous cells unharmed (

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Works like a charm

I have purchased this product for my mom with cancer on her face, she lived with cancer for over a year on her face only using DMSO, the cancer never spread anywhere else before getting it cut out, I truly believe it is due to this remedy, I would recommend it to anyone suffer from cancer, arthritis, phybromyalge or even just to get more healthy.

Outstanding service

I will recommend you to everyone I know
Thank you once again.


good product


Assisted with pain after a hip replacement. Works wonderfully.

wonderful help with DMSO

My uncle has been cured on chronic TB in the Lesotho mountains because of DMSO. We took it there for him. (on a lighter note: my uncle actually went to the hospital to SHOW them, that he is still alive and well..
An 80yr old past pastor of mine who had diabetes since I was 16yrs (I am 43yrs this yr). After drinking DMSO for 3months, the doctor told him that he no longer has diabetes, he can eat whatever he wants. His wife had tremors, epilepsy and could not eat in public as she dropped all utensils, she has been taking DMSO diligently. No tremors, no epilepsy, she is even allowed to drive.
Cancers have healed.
Lupus, has been reversed on a thirteen yr old boy, after taking three drops with vit c juice in the morning and evening, for a month. His mom was crying saying that it is the first time her son has played rugby for 80mins. The doctor had told her, if there is no cure, her son would not survive for long.
Relatives, have sinuses cured.
Two of my aunts who could no longer walk, walk today without any assistance, as they drink and apply DMSO. One even drives again now.
In Zambia, hormonal swelling, hypertension and HIV inflictions have been controlled and reversed.
The best part about DMSO, is that it also makes us all look younger. It is absolutely amazing. It is a true blessing to many of us. Even fractured bones have healed. Amazing amazing