Colloidal Silver Healing Gel 200ml

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PRODUCT:  Bio-Sil Colloidal Silver Healing Gel (200 ml) 

DESCRIPTION:  A gentle, unscented, soothing topical skin gel containing colloidal silver, one of our most popular products

BENEFITS:  This is a concentrated, pure colloidal silver gel which can be applied to burns, wounds, bites, scratches and cuts and some further benefits

It is effective for numerous other conditions, such as:

* insect bites, boils, burns, eczema, haemorrhoids, rashes, stings and sunburn.

* Gentle and healing for shingles and chicken pox.

* Can be applied as frequently as desired.

Best used in conjunction with BIO-SIL Colloidal Silver (which can be taken internally and also be sprayed onto the affected area).

It is recommended that a little gel be applied to a test patch of skin to check for any possible hyper-allergic reactions (unlikely!)



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Customer Reviews

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Really excellent, but you have to use it every day... expect results within 3 months..... you will not go back to anything else again

Bio-Sil has amazing products

I cannot say enough good things about the amazing products that Bio-Sil have on offer from Colloidal silver and colloidal copper. I have been using Bio-Sil’s colloidal silver for over 2 years and have seen immense benefits ranging from boosting my immune system, to healing eye infections and wounds rappidly. The colloidal silver gel has assisted family and friends suffering from eczema and psoriasis. If only more people knew about the invaluable benefits of colloidal silver and copper.

Excellent disinfectant

I use your Biosil silver often and recommend it to people as an excellent antiseptic and disinfectant. Excellent disinfectant topically or swallowed in small quantities.

mouth ulcers

I had ulcers in my mouth since November. Nothing helped. My chemist said try this and I was desperate as my mouth felt like a piece of sandpaper. That was Tuesday, today is Thursday and my mouth is healed. A wonderful product. Keep up the good work!


I am visiting from the States and developed painful shingles around my eye. Fortunately my pharmacist recommended BIO-SIL GEL which soothed and cleared it quickly. It is also soothing for sunburn and razor nicks