Colloidal Copper 500ml

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COLLOIDAL COPPER : 500 ml Copper Citrate

Strength : 40 ppm (parts per million)

  • Anti Fungal
  • Anti Parasitic
  • Anti Viral
  • Anti Bacterial

For ladies - this lovely product is beneficial for both skin and hair 


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A pointer for those taking zinc supplements:

Most people on a Zinc supplement should top up on copper as large doses of zinc pushes down copper intake
"A few rules of thumb: If you take a large dose of a mineral, it will compete with other minerals to reduce their absorption. ... If you take high doses of zinc long-term (50 mg or more per day for 10 weeks or longer ), be aware that it can cause copper deficiency, so you may need to supplement with copper as well.



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Multiple puncture wounds from Sea Urchin

Spent some time down in Ballito end of January this year and went snorkelling in the tidal pool at Thomsons Beach during high tide. As I was getting out of the tidal pool (against the rocks) a wave caught me from behind and pushed me into the coral and many a sea urchin against the sidewall of the tidal pool. As a natural reaction I grabbed to hold on resulting in me grabbing right into a sea urchin puncturing my hand in about 25 places as well as cutting my knee against the coral requiring 8x stitches.

Before going to the clinic to stitch up I stopped to change into dry clothes and drank the following:

200ml of a 50/50 mix of Colloidal Silver and Colloidal Copper
1x Vitamin C tablet dissolved in a glass of water containing 20x drops of Iodine
Rubbed in a few drops of DMSO into the hand

On arrival at the clinic the doctor asked if I have taken anything anti-inflammatory and was quite intrigued at the combination I took

Needless to say I was prescribed no further anti-inflammatory or antibiotics. For the remainder of the holiday I kept taking small amounts of the Colloidal Copper / Silver mix as well as the Iodine and Vitamin C with a few drops off DMSO. The discoloration of the skin around where the sea urchin punctured the skin was gone within 24 hours.

The pain was gone within hours and no subsequent infection has occurred.