Zinc (tablets)


Zinc is critical for over 300 enzymatic functions.
Helps with fertiliy and menstrual issues, wound healing including bed sores

Zinc (tablets)

60 tablets

Ingredients: (per serving)-
Zinc 15mg Vitamin C 33mg
Zinc Gluconate
“The key difference between zinc gluconate and zinc glycinate is that zinc gluconate performs better in strengthening the immune system than zinc glycinate. Zinc gluconate is a type of organic zinc supplement that has a zinc salt of gluconic acid, while zinc glycinate is a compound of zinc and glycine”

Zinc Arginate is a combination of Zinc and Arginine.

Zinc is a metal essential to life – scientists have discovered a protein that helps keep cells alive when zinc levels are low

Further information:
Protects the immune system and defends against body invaders. Assists with viral and bacterial invaders. Zinc is critical for over 300 enzymatic functions. Improves immune system and increases white blood cell count (T Cells). Assists in wound healing, including bed sores. Improves sperm count and mobility. Increases testosterone production, thus improving fertility. Assists with impotence. May assist with ADD and ADHD in children. May retard and prevent macular degeneration. Improves nail and hair growth and reduces white spots on nails. Assists with menstrual issues, painful knees and joints. Assists with DNA decoding and is essential in over 400 proteins.

Interesting note:

A pointer for those taking zinc supplements:

Most people on a Zinc supplement should top up on copper as large doses of zinc pushes down copper intake
“A few rules of thumb: If you take a large dose of a mineral, it will compete with other minerals to reduce their absorption. …
If you take high doses of zinc long-term (50 mg or more per day for 10 weeks or longer), be aware that it can cause copper deficiency, so you may need to supplement with copper as well.
Excellent copper supplement is available at this site – here is the linnk:
Weight100 g


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