Water Drops


This is one product that should be available in every home.
If you would like to help us get this distributed right throughout Africa please contact : info@biosil.co.za



Water Purifier Drops

1.    Important and helpful for happy, healhy families


2.    Important and so easy to purify your family’s and your pets’ drinking water

kristencreative: humanitarian photography child drinking waterIt’s Pet Hydration Awareness Month! How Much Water Should Your Dog Drink?


3.    Important for removing toxins from fruit and vegetables

This contains an image of: Wash Your Fruits and Veggies


Full and details instructions accompany this product – please see copy below

Three wonderful benefits of Bio-Sil Water Purifier (BWP)

* Eliminates germs, bacteria and viruses that are harmful to the body
* Does not harm or interfere with the friendly bacteria in the stomach
* Assists the body’s immune system

* To clean 4 litres of water (remove germs and toxins):
* Carefully drip 8 drops of BWP (BLUE label) into a dry, empty, clean cup or small container
* Then drip exactly 8 drops of BWP (RED label) ino the same cup and swirl gently to mix
* Wait at least 30 seconds for the drops to activate – they will turn yellow
* Now add this mixture to the 4 litres of water
* Mix thoroughly, cover and wait for at least one hour (60 minutes) before use

Most food producers spray toxins, pesticides and poisons on crops
To remove these harmful chemicals from your fruit and vegetables:
*Carefully drip 8 drops of BWP (BLUE label) ino a dry, empty, clean cup
*Drip exactly 8 drops of BWP (RED label) into the same cup and swirl gently to mix
*Wait at least 30 seconds for the drops to activate
*Add a little drinking water (about 150ml) and swirl to mix. It will turn yellow in colour
*Add his to a sink or bucket or water, add fruit / vegetables and leave to soak for 15-30 minutes



Water Purifier Drops product does not cure or claim to cure any ailment or disease.
It does, however, provide wonderful assistance to enable the body to heal itself

















Weight270 g


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