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Pine Oil has been used as a natural remedy for a variety of health problems for generations!
Great-grandmothers used Pine Oil for a yearly “cleansing” for every member of the family or for her rheumatism and nagging cough.
Herbal remedies are medicines made from plants, and that is just what Pine Oil is!
Pine Oil is made by distilling pine resin taken from pine trees.
Many essential oils are made by distilling plant material into a concentrated natural medicine.



Pine Oil 

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Pure pharmaceutical grade : Pine Turpentine 100%

Pine oil can be applied to the skin for joint pain, muscle pain, nerve pain and toothaches
Said to provide a “fountain of youth” effect to the body
This oil is sourced from the resin of certain pine trees. It is used as a natural health remedy
Not to be confused with gum turpentine!
People sometimes breathe in (inhale) the vapors of pine oil to reduce the chest congestion that goes along with some lung conditions

How does it work?
When used on the skin, pine oil may cause warmth and redness that can help relieve pain in the tissue underneath
Dr Jennifer Daniels provides a comprehensive candida protocol

What Health Conditions Can Be Treated with Pine Oil?

Pine Oil is a tried and tested folk remedy for parasites. Long ago farmers and even school nurses gave Pine Oil as a matter of course to children twice a year to eliminate parasites such as pinworms.
The easiest way to do this is to put a few drops of Pine Oil in a glass with a teaspoon of honey and then mix with a tablespoon of warm water.
It tastes like pine sweets and is easy to administer for children and adults alike.

Fungus and Candida
Pine Oil is normally very helpful in any anti-candida protocols.
It is an inexpensive remedy for nail fungus. One drop can be massaged into affected nails twice a day. Pine Oil should also be ingested by putting a few drops of Pine Oil in a glass with a teaspoon of honey and then mix with a tablespoon of warm water. This treatment will take some time, especially with toenails, but all remedies tend to take a while to completely remedy nail fungus. The infected toenail just grows out and is replaced by a healthy nail.

Pine Oil has been part of protocols used for autistic children. Heavy metals and candida are common problems among autistic children, making Pine Oil a popular remedy. However, it is wise to seek the guidance of a qualified health practitioner for a child with autism or other significant health issues before considering Pine Oil. Pine Oil overdose in children may be rare but has occurred.

Head Lice
Lice have been a problem among school children over the years. Over the counter remedies (OTC) and prescriptions for lice can be dangerous, especially if they need to be used repeatedly. Resistance to these OTC treatments has increased in recent years. Pine Oil can be mixed with coconut oil as a safer and effective alternative. Use no more than 1-part Pine Oil to 10 parts of coconut oil (or olive oil). Carefully massage into the scalp and spread the oil down over the hair. Cover with plastic wrap and then a towel for an hour. Remove towel and wrap. Wash oils out of hair. Repeat this process in one week, using a nit comb to remove any leftover nits.

Arthritis and Gout
Massage oil can be made with Pine Oil to massage into pained joints. Because castor oil is also good for arthritis, it is a good medium to be mixed with Pine Oil. Use 1-part Pine Oil and 3 parts castor oil, olive oil, or coconut oil. Do not use this oil on sensitive skin, broken skin or mucous membranes.

Cold and Flu Viruses
There are a variety of ways to use Pine Oil to treat cold and flu viruses such as coronavirus.

  • Sinuses – Mix together 5 drops of Pine Oil to 1 tablespoon olive oil. Drop several drops into each nostril to deliver Pine Oil to the nasal passages to relieve congestion and infection.
  • Cough – Use the same mixture as for sinuses and massage into the back and/or chest to relieve a cough. 1-3 drops (up to teaspoonful) of Pine Oil can be used with a teaspoon of honey and taken internally instead.
  • Inhalation – Another old-time remedy for cold viruses is simply to inhale the vapours of Pine Oil. This delivers turpentine vapours into the lungs, throat, and nasal passages.

Urinary Tract Infection
Pine Oil is sometimes used to treat bladder infections. 1/4 teaspoon Pine Oil is added to 1 teaspoonful of honey in a glass and then add a little warm water and take once daily.

Prostate Issues
It is always advisable to do a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) so as to assess prostate activity. If the PSA is elevated you have a way of monitoring treatment of the progression of any prostate issues. The dosage should start at ½ teaspoon of Pine Oil with 1 teaspoon of honey with a little water added. The Pine Oil may be increased over time to 1 teaspoon full with 1 teaspoon full of honey. This therapy should be undertaken under the guidance of a health professional.

Pine Oil Dosages
Dosages of Pine Oil range from 1 drop to a teaspoon. Always start with less, increase slowly, and monitor individual response to Pine Oil.

A common way to take Pine Oil is with raw honey. This is a simple way to get Pine into your system.
If you want to take consecutive Pine Oil doses for a particular problem, then I would take Pine Oil for five days and then have two days off Pine Oil and do this for about 6 weeks. This protocol will help to get rid of most pathogens and parasites from your body.

Start with small dosages of Pine Oil it is best to start with 1/4 teaspoon and slowly work up to the full 1 teaspoon dose. Take Pine Oil just before meals. Start taking Pine Oil twice a week and then work towards taking Pine Oil on a one day on, one day off protocol. Take plenty of breaks from this protocol because this regimen kills a large range of pathogens including parasites, candida, bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma etc. Adjust the dosage accordingly to reduce any detoxification reaction (Herxheimer reaction).

Dosage Information for Candida and Fungal Infections
The preventative dose is on a one day on and one day off and is meant to help those who have massive initial Herxheimer die-off reactions by having a day off after you take the Pine Oil — this makes for a gentler ride for the user when you initially eliminate all that candida.

It is recommended that you take Pine Oil with castor oil when treating pathogens and candida in the intestinal tract. The castor oil coats the digestive tract and helps to spread out the Pine Oil. The castor oil also has a laxative effect, important to help the body eliminate the pathogens that the Pine Oil is killing off.

Pine Oil Effects
While Pine Oil is a natural remedy and has been found to be safe and effective for many people, for generations, medicinal use of Pine Oil can have effects.
Helpful effects may include headaches, digestive problems, coughing, wheezing, dizziness and brain fog. These effects are the result of the die-off of parasites etc. as they are leaving your body via the liver, kidneys and other eliminative organs. When there is a massive die-off of parasites one can feel a little drunk. Always drink a lot of water to help flush toxins from your body.

Rarely is more than 1 teaspoon of Pine Oil recommended at one time.

Some people have reported experiencing depression symptoms after using Pine Oil. Others have experienced an increase in arthritis symptoms, diarrhoea, and headaches. These effects are temporary and occur as the toxins and dead parasites leave the body.

What is Causing Effects with Pine Oil?
If you have serious systemic candida and other pathogenic infections in your body and if you take Pine Oil for the first time, you may experience a Herxheimer reaction which is caused by the heavy die-off of pathogens with the release of poisons.

Pine Oil also removes biofilms with a consequent large release of stored heavy metals into the body also causing other strange symptoms. When candida in particular is eliminated in large quantities by Pine Oil, there is an even heavier release of candida toxins into the body.

Sometimes effects are caused by taking too much Pine Oil at once.

How to Avoid Pine Oil Effects
If you experience detoxification effects with Pine Oil, please take a few days off and take a smaller dose when you resume the remedy.

  • Take Pine Oil right before meals and not on an empty stomach.
  • It is always best to start with the smallest dose and increase slowly so you can monitor your own personal response to Pine Oil.

It is prudent to take only one new remedy at a time, so you can be sure that the remedy agrees with you. If you start taking Pine Oil with several other remedies at the same time, you will have a hard time knowing which remedy is causing you difficulty.


​When I was in the defence force in 1978, I got very bad “gyppo guts”, thanks to the kitchen and staff who did not care! I took about six weeks to finally get rid of it!  Since then, my gut was never what it used to be, mostly with poorly formed not hard enough stool. Through a homeopath, we determined that there are (were) various fungal types present, and through meds from her, nothing changed!!  SO…I started taking the Turpentine, and within two weeks, 4 days on, 3 days off, it is as good as sorted!!!!!!!!!   I have also since taking the Turpentine, taken some probiotics.  I have attached the only info that I could find, except the multitude of info that said that it would kill me!!!!    TI





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