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Quantum technology (preventative health measure)  …   this is an exciting project that anyone can utilise for themselves and their family. It is an exciting and unusual gift to share with others – a gift that just keeps giving!
Very simple to set up and then  just keep adding water for each new batch you wish to create. For great health and healing. It is also a beautiful conversation piece for your home!
Utilises and creates GANS (Gases At Nano State)



New technology!!!!

Cup of Life
Survival Kit (easy DIY)
One Cup / One Life

The technology of one of the world’s leading nuclear physicists to allay fears of the whatsit viruses
and other infections 

Every home should have one!


This beautiful product comes with full instructions and everything you need to get going immediately!

One Cup, One Life (leading nuclear scientist Mr Mehran Keshe’s gift to humanity)

Please watch the video below which explains the entire concept (and procedure which we’ve taken care of for you).  This technology is largely unknown as yet for most folk.


Workshop presented by Mr. M.T. Keshe on how to make the One Cup One Life to prevent and also process the potential harmful effects of the coronavirus by depleting the plasmatic energy fields of the ‘virus

‘Our complete kit comes ready-to-roll and basically just needs salt water to be added to the jar
All of the work covered in the video has been done for you!

It is important to understand what is being shown here as your intent has much to do with the results you will obtain

Sweet and simple!



Here is one happy customer’s creative spark – playing beautiful music to his precious water:

…. and another!
I just love this – I am giving each of my grandchildren one as an educational and valuable ongoing gift!

We would love to see pictures of your kit in producing mode!

A powerful add-on is to have words / images of what you intend with this healing water on the outside of the bowl.   For example, the words LOVE, HEALING and GRATITUDE are great.
If you would like customised words and/or images printed on vinyl and a nominal charge, please e-mail your request for a quotation to :



Weight1200 g

1 review for Cup of Life

  1. Yvonne


    This is a wonderful gift – my grandchildren are enthralled with it. Young as they are they fully understand the theory and potential of this product!

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