Spirulina Capsules

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There is hardly a health condition that this product does not help with!  Detoxes Heavy Metals (especially arsenic)  ..  affecting people all over the globe, chronic arsenic toxicity is a problem.

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SPIRULINA capsules

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90 Spirulina vegan capsules

500 mg each – pure Spirulina
Not irradiated
Natural, contains no additives or fillers

Recommended dosage :
A common question when first trying out this incredible ingredient is:
How much spirulina to take daily?
Although there’s no standard spirulina dosage, most studies have found a beneficial effect when consuming
1–8 grams per day.
In many ways, this beautiful algae has tremendous benefits for our bodies and can be taken daily.
It is easy for the body to assimilate

Can you overdose on spirulina?
Taking even large amounts of spirulina is unlike to cause serious harm, but it may result in digestive issues like nausea, diarrhea, bloating and cramps. Therefore, it’s best to start with a lower dosage and slowly work your way up to assess your tolerance.


Informative video by Dr Axe:

Wonderful SPIRULINA benefits:

  • High plant-sourced protein content
  • Potent source of iron, essential vitamins and minerals
  • Excellent cell regenerator
  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
  • Protects against LDL cholesterol from becoming oxidised
  • Improves muscle strength, endurance and blood sugar control
  • For those who suffer from chronic yeast infections, spirulina can help balance vaginal bacteria. Similar to how spirulina attracts toxins such as heavy metals, it has the ability to also help flush candida cells out of the body
  • Helps prevent recurring yeast infections
  • Additionally, spirulina can support a healthy gut
  • Assists the body to eliminate heavy metals and other toxins

Further benefits:
*Anti-inflammatory, *antioxidant, *blood health, *energy, *health in general, *removes heavy metals, *sinus

Spirulina Testimonials

  • Spirulina is my magic food which keeps me alive, I have a small appetite and I take Spirulina every morning. It gives me energy and nutrients – keeps me going for the whole day! I love it! I could not live without it! – A C
  • Spirulina has definitely made a difference physically and mentally. I no longer get pimples, my skin is radiant, my anaemia has disappeared and I don’t feel tired and sluggish during the day. Spirulina makes me feel and look great and is now a staple part of my diet.–  M. D.





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Capsules, Powder


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    SpirulinaSpirulina Capsules
    Original price was: R334.00.Current price is: R250.00.

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