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Soap – Workshop Hand Cleanser (100% natural)


A deep cleansing soap for resisting dirt such as engine grease, garden soil and paint

Product Description

ALL NATURAL : Workshop Soap

A gentle yet powerful cleaner for hard-working hands
Pure and natural, vegan friendly

A deep cleansing soap for resisting dirt such as engine grease, garden soil, paint etc

Coconut oil, mica, kaolin clay, ground pumice stone powder,
distilled water, essential oils (lemongrass and peppermint)

85g oval soap

Purple Lime Soapery Hero Img
Tyron’s story:  It was around three years ago that I fell in love with the art of soap making.  I was immediately drawn to both the technical and the creative aspects of creating soap.  One of the reasons why  I wanted to make my own soap was to avoid exposure to the toxic chemicals found in so many commercially available body products.  The learning curve was very steep, with many a failed or inferior batch along the way.  However, I persevered and slowly gained knowledge with every opportunity I found.  There is a such great sense of satisfaction and excitement about each and every batch of soap I make and that is how I knew I wanted to make soaping my full time occupation.  I once read a quote which said that soap is to the body what laughter is to the soul, a statement with which I agree wholeheartedly.   I hope you find complete magic and indulgence in every bar of handmade soap you use, this is my wish for you!



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