Soap – Mint Candy Swirl 100% natural



Soap – Mint Candy Swirl 100% natural

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Soap – Mint Candy Swirl 100% natural

100% Natural ingredients – gentle (55 g)

Looks good enough to take a bite!

A great addition to any gift parcel

A little background information:

Tyron’s story:  It was around three years ago that I fell in love with the art of soap making.  I was immediately drawn to both the technical and the creative aspects of creating soap.  One of the reasons why  I wanted to make my own soap was to avoid exposure to the toxic chemicals found in so many commercially available body products.  The learning curve was very steep, with many a failed or inferior batch along the way.  However, I persevered and slowly gained knowledge with every opportunity I found.  There is a such great sense of satisfaction and excitement about each and every batch of soap I make and that is how I knew I wanted to make soaping my full-time occupation.  I once read a quote which said that soap is to the body what laughter is to the soul, a statement with which I agree wholeheartedly.   I hope you find complete magic and indulgence in every bar of handmade soap you use, this is my wish for you!

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Weight70 g


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