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Skin Magic is a magical product carefully blended from the finest, pure essential oils and herbal extractions to promote the growth of healthy new skin cells. Healing, rejuvenating, protecting, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory.  Contains NO alcohol, harmful chemicals, parabens or sulphates, and is NOT tested on animals

All-natural ingredients
100g glass tub

Wizard Skin Magic is a gorgeous product, carefully blended from the finest, pure essential oils and herbal extracts, to promote the growth of healthy new skin cells
It is healing, rejuvenating, protecting, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory
This cream is super absorbent, leaving the skin glowing, soft and moisturised, so is a good under make-up moisturiser
Safe for both young and older skin

Further applications:
Wizard Cream is effective for a multitude of skin ailments and conditions like
dry skin conditions, eczema, dermatitis, rashes, burns, cuts, sores, wounds, bites, stings, mild to moderate aches and pains, bruises, sprains, sore feet, sore hands, dry heels and elbows, allergic skin reactions and wrinkles. Wizard cream can be used as a day and night moisturiser or as a skin rejuvenating serum.

Wizard cream can also be used in the treatment of bedsores, a baby bum cream, stretch marks, dark skin spots and skin pigmentation.

Retinol A, Retinol E, Herbal Anti-Bacterial 5, Calmiskin, MSM, Chamomile Extract, Rose Extract, Baobab Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, Geranium Essential Oil, Hazlenut Essential Oil, Jojoba Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil,  Lemon Essential Oil, Neem Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil

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Feedback received:
“I love this cream – it is absorbed quickly and doesn’t leave greasy marks on my pillow at night – also delightful under make-up moisturiser, lasts all day”     Yvonne Cook



Weight250 g


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