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A Rife resonator generates resonant radionics waves that are transmitted via hand-held electrodes to the body.
By creating a negative polarity, electromagnetic waves:
*  negate the reproductive ability of viruses, bacteria and parasites in the human body
*  these waves destroy the pathogens outright

Pure Rife Multi Wave Unit

This genuine, amazing technology is now available for you and beautifully affordable (R15 000) !

Please do not be deterred by the very many bogus “Rife” machines out there which don’t come anywhere close to this one!

Kindly e-mail: yvonne@biosil.co.za purchase / payment details   Thank you

For the simple operational instructions, please see below:

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Please read this document to understand the background history:
(just click on this link please):https://biosil.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/Rife-brief-history.pdf

Rife brief history 


The simplest and cheapest way to make your own Plasma Rife Machine (Deta

Rife Multi Wave Unit Q&A:

Q & A with a Bio-Sil customer (explains a lot!)

What diseases and illnesses does it treat?
The Rife machine devitalises all pathogens….can be seen as a wide spectrum electronic antibiotic. Any condition caused by a pathogen is thus a target of the frequencies.  This includes parasites.

What diseases and illnesses does it treat?
The Rife machine devitalises all pathogens….can be seen as a wide spectrum electronic antibiotic. Any condition caused by a pathogen is thus a target of the frequencies.  This includes parasites.
It is important to follow with a health lifestyle and eating regimen, as well as getting to thje cause of the initial condition which is always a “stuck” emotion.  There are many different ways to go.

Are there any case studies using your machine with regards to treating cancer and auto immune diseases?
Cancer yes….A friend of mine used the machine to cure his stomach and prostate cancer. No personal cases yet treated for auto-immune, but reliable sources confirm its effectiveness.

Where is the machine manufactured?
Manufactured in South Africa

Does it work with sound?
No….the bogus Rife machines (many of the various Rife machines available) use sound frequencies.
RR Rife used radio frequencies in the medium-and-shortwave bands, no audio frequencies.

Can the manufacturer prove that what comes out of this machine is exactly the same as the original Rife Machine?
Yes, very easily, with an oscilloscope, spectrum analyser.
A very basic test amyone can do is to use an AM radio near a Rife machine…if you hear the frequencysweep, it is true Rife,.

Demonstration of this point:

Does it have different programs and settings for different diseases?

No, bogus Rife machines have 1000’s of different frequency sequences which have no scientific foundation. The Multi Wave Unit sweeps through the full range of frequencies which Rife found (2.8 to 4.3 MHz) , thus “hitting” each pathogen at least 1500 times in a 30 minute session.
Resonance is thus used to de-vitalise the pathogens.

How many Watts of Power is the machine?
The output power depends on the body impedance of the person, but on average about  10 watts of Radio frequency energy is absorbed by the body. The voltage at the probes are about 180 Volts peak-to-peak to ensure the frequencies reach inside the bones.
(No sensation is felt due to the high frequencies, which is very different for the bogus audio frequency Rife machines)

Multi Wave technical basics;
The Pure Rife Multi Wave Unit generates alternating original Rife #4 carrier only with John Bedini gating at the Schumann frequency, as well as the original Rife #5 with Hoyland modulation.

The Rife #4 signal sweeps from 3.0 to 3.4 MHz during one session and from 160 Hz to 43 kHz for each Hoyland spectrum using the last Rife #4 carrier frequency according to the original Rife #5 specifications.
This combination ensures that all present and future pathogen resonance
frequencies are covered with multiple overlapping of frequencies. 
In addition, magnetic longitudinal waves are generated by a custom Caduceus coil in one of the cylinders, as well as the 11th harmonics of the fundamental frequencies.

Potential Rife Multi Wave frequency generator therapy
Rife Therapy refers to the use of an authentic Rife frequency generator as part of our treatment.
A Rife frequency generator emits electromagnetic waves that are transmitted via hand-held electrodes to the body.
By generating a very specific frequency spectrum in the medium-to-short wave radio bands, all pathogens (viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites) in the human body, are de-vitalised.

In 1934 the late Dr Royal Raymond Rife designed and built a polarized light microscope (the Universal Microscope) with which he could view live viruses.
He discovered that each virus, fungi, bacterium and parasite was fatally sensitive to a specific frequency which he documented.

Rife was able to view the destruction of the pathogens through his microscope when applying the specific frequencies via a plasma tube and radio transmitter. This principle may be seen when an opera singer sings at a certain pitch that then shatters a wineglass.

Each pathogen has its own specific frequency and when its frequency is present via the Rife frequency generator, it is destroyed, leaving the surrounding tissue untouched.
This principle can be applied to the human body with absolute safety and great efficacy.

Dr Rife was big news in 1934 in California when he presented his discoveries to the public.
He was able to fully cure sixteen terminally ill cancer and TB patients.
Sadly he was vigorously hounded and maligned by other doctors and the big pharmaceutical companies because of the threat that his unpatentable treatment posed.

Unfortunately, the information was suppressed for many years, with Dr Rife dying a broken man in 1971.
Thanks to the internet this information can no longer be suppressed.

Rife frequencies can be used in the treatment of many conditions, such as:
arthritis, bronchitis Candida, cellulitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fever, fibrositis, glandular influenza, shingles, sports injuries, tonsillitis, and many other acute and chronic diseases.

The Rife frequencies de-vitalize the pathogens responsible for cancer, which results in the cancer cells die-off’.

Once the offending pathogens have been destroyed, the damaged cellular structure is able to regenerate.
Rife therapy can therefore also be used as part of a protocol to improve general health and to prevent illness.

The Rife unit is in essence, an electronic multi-spectrum  ‘anti-pathogen’  device.
It de-vitalises all pathogens, which include viruses, bacteria, most parasites and fungi.

Full operating instructions and manual are available to purchasers
It’s really easy to use this unit.


Download User Manual by clicking right here 

Please direct any enquiries to :

Thank you

Further documentation:

Please click on these links:
1.  R Machine The cancer cure that worked by Barry Lynes
2.  RRR MultiWave Frequently asked questions
3.  RRR Difference between the MultiWave and other Rife machines
4.  RRR Dr Johnson clinical report using Rife #5
5.  RRR Dr Yale clinical report using Rife #5

and finally …… the all important user manual in its simplistic beauty:

6.   User Manual available here:
7.   Price –  A pleasant surprise : R15 000
Please mail: info@biosil.co.za for purchase details and procedure

Other important information:
We highly recommend combining physical treaatment of specific health conditions, with help in locating the emotional triggers connected to the cause thereof.    There are a number of self-help methods such as :

1.  The Emotional Code – Dr Bradley Nelson.
Really easy Do It Yourself methods which he gives freely
2.  Louise Hay’s book : You Can Heal Your Life
3.  Evette Rose’s book : Metaphysical Anatomy

Detox and Herxheimer Effect:
It is good to be aware that there could be an overload on the body’s elimination systems as a result of the unit (and other) treatments.
This is called a Herxheimer Effect*
It is quickly overcome by slowing down whatever treatment is being applied and can be greatly assisted by taking a toxin binder, such as Zeolite powder and consuming plenty of clean, pure water
Not everyone experiences a ‘Herx’ effect – many people just feel wonderful and happy after a session on the Rife unit

*Herxheimer Effect explained:
The Herxheimer response is a natural bodily process triggered by a greater prevalence of endotoxins. These substances are released when harmful micro-organisms and bacteria are destroyed or die off.
As damaging pathogens are destroyed, they release previously contained endotoxins into the bloodstream. This allows the toxins to be transported to the appropriate system and subsequently expelled from the body.
However, rapid destruction of pathogens can cause an influx of endotoxins resulting in greater toxicity. When this occurs, the immune system responds by triggering an acute immune response resulting in inflammation that may be experienced throughout the body.

The Herxheimer reaction is frequently seen during antibiotic treatments because antibiotics destroy numerous microorganisms and bacteria. Although the Herxheimer reaction is typically non-lethal, it may cause temporary pain, discomfort, and what appears to be a worsening of symptoms.

Common symptoms that may develop or temporarily worsen due to a Herxheimer response include:

Bloating, , Brain Fog, Chills, Cold Sweats, Constipation, Cramps, Diarrhea, Fatigue, Fever,
Headaches, Irritability, Joint Pain, Lethargy, Muscle Pain, Nausea, Skin Irritation, Sore Throat

Typically, symptoms may develop within a couple of hours to several days after treatment. However, depending on the location of the pathogens, symptoms may develop later.

Because of the sudden worsening of symptoms, it is common for patients to feel that the severity of their condition has increased due to the treatment. However, even though treatment causes a temporary increase in symptom intensity due to greater release of toxins the condition ultimately improves. The body responding in this way usually means that the treatment is actually working effectively.

A Herxheimer reaction can last for a week or upwards of multiple months. The duration of the reaction is dependent on individual patient factors. Perhaps the greatest determinant of reaction length is what condition is being treated and its status.
For example, Lyme disease is more likely to cause longer Herxheimer reactions. Other factors include the body’s ability to transport toxins and other debris and the patient’s overall health.
Therefore, each patient experiences Herxheimer reactions at a different level of severity and varying duration or, frequently, none at all.

As long as the Herxheimer reaction is not severe, treatment should continue. It is common for patients to be alarmed or concerned about the development of new symptoms and stop treatment. However, if the symptoms are caused by a Herxheimer reaction, it is best to continue treatment as long as symptoms are bearable.
If uncomfortable one might apply shorter sessions until Herx symptoms disappear.

Tips for optimum application of the machine:
1. I found that placing the small probe on one of the 4 “grounding” points:
either side of neck or left or right groin
and the large probe near the area of concern, works well and ensures frequency energy flow.
It is normal for one or both probes to warm up during a session

2. One can change positions around 3 times, guided by the “Time to go”  lights

3. One can change positions during the session, but it is best to remain on the one “troublesome” position for a 30 minute session
One can also change the grounding points (sides of neck and groin) if the green light stops flashing, in order to get it going again.
As long as the green light is shining or flickering brightly- all is working perfectly!

Please ensure that the probes do not touch each other during a session, or while the machine is switched on
5.  Please note too that this is not always a quick-fix, although it most certainly can be in some instances.  It takes time devitalise pathogens … even up to 5 weeks for the pathogens responsible for cancer, whereafter the cancer cells die off from around weeks 6 to 15.
For cancer normally 2 x week sessions are recommended to allow the body to get rid of the dead pathogens and cells between sessions.
A good toxin binder also helps greatly

Conditions which have been successfully treated with Rife technology


User Feedback:

*   Great news with a situation that started out as very bleak and worrisome for the family who have provided this information :

08:57, 29/04/2024]
My brother who is 87, had a fall and broke his hip.
After a successful operation, he was in ICU.
He was doing well but contracted an infection in his lungs. After a week when he was not responding to the doctors opinion, the wanted to move him to a general ward.
My sister got a Pure Rife machine to see if we could help him. At this stage, he was unresponsive.
With the first sessions on the Rife, his infection count was, 222, 218,250 and 260.
It was clear that his infection was responding to the Rife.
An upward trend is normal when you start using the Rife.
It then changed direction and started going down, 222,205, 200,135, 89 and 64.
At this stage he was moved to a general ward.
It took almost 2 weeks to bring the infection down. After 2 days in the general ward he was discharged and when home.

We are certain that without the support and the Rife, my brother would not have survived this ordeal.

*  Eczema healed
This is a before and after image of someone who was suffering with eczema
This took approximately two weeks before the second picture was taken
Image  Before      Image 1     After

*  A week ago today my daughter said she was coming down with ‘flu (which in the past has always knocked her hard).  I toddled over to her home with my newly acquired Rife unit and ran it for the full session.    I made sure that she took zeolite every day to avoid any Herxheimer effect.
A week later she has confirmed that she had no Herx and also NO ‘flu!!!!!!    (VC)

The remarkable Rife story of Sinah
Over the past 12 months my housekeeper Sinah had been in and out of Bardgwanath Hospital and had been diagnosed with having a blood disorder, however, the doctors were unable to clearly identify the problem.page1image970192
We were left with the following statement ’there is something in your stomach but keeps on moving around therefore we are unable to clearly tell you what this is”

So the months passed and Sinah continued her journey of back and forth to the hospital.  Shortly after I received my Rife machine it was my aim to give her a treatment – I gave her two treatments and all seem perfect. After the second treatment she left to go home but found herself struggling to breath and was dashed back to Baragwanath Hospital.
She had her usual doctor attend to her, he went through the scans and tests, what he revealed was remarkable – a congealed ball of blood had dislodged itself and was stuck at the top of her spine exactly where the pain was.

What the scan revealed it was a ball of old dirty blood, the doctor then said ’this is what we were trying to pin point for months’ immediately they put a drain on her side and for 3 hours dirty dark blood drained poured out of her body.

Her doctor then told her that this ball of blood was about to burst and if this had been the case her body would have been contaminated with horrific infections – he also said this ball of dirty contaminated blood had traces of TB.

After spending two days in hospital she returned to work feeling rejuvenated. This has been written exactly as she told me.  (K)

* After one session on this Rife machine, I felt super healthy and peaceful – also noticed that the large veins which used to stand out embarrassingly on my fore-arms. have disappeared!    (MC)

* Since the beginning of this year I was plagued with eczema-type itchy patches on my back and neck area. It just would not budge ……. until I had a flash go off reminding me to take zeolite every day and since I started the condition has steadily dissipated, together with almost daily Rifing. Thank goodness!!!! I can stop scratching like a rabid baboon now!!!!! mid February 2024 (YC)

*I was able to assist someone with a very sick cat (who had been vaccinated in order to undergo a migration overseas) – she was just lying in a dense part of the garden, not moving when I saw her.   I immediately applied a five minute run on this wonderful machine, after which she stood up and drank water which was exciting.
She unfortunately had to endure many checkups at the vet, with cortisone injections etc but they could find nothing “wrong” with her.
Upon her return home – I once again applied a five minute session on the unit, during which time she purred loudly and talked to me until it was done.   Her final check at the vet some fifteen minutes later revealed that she was fine and her owner has confirmed this, saying that they are overjoyed she is back to her busy, chatty self, eating well and with all normal body functions taking place.  (SL)

*  I had the opportunity to try out the Rife unit.
The following morning l felt like a new person, no headache when l woke up.
Full of the joys of a spring morning my whole being had been lifted.  All my negative thoughts had gone as had my pain in most of my normal painful body to put it mildly l felt new born. Spent the whole day doing things that l was totally in interested in yesterday.  I even went or a stroll down my block. Have not done that in a long time.
I was on the unit for 30 minutes and it definately made me feel a new person the following day.
I think l would like to use it more often. I can really recommend this Rife unit.  Really a great break through in my estimation.
I sincerely would love to use it on a regular basis.  I hope Y will allow me to use it quite often.
Thanks for the elevation of my whole mind and body it was amazing.  If you can try it ever do not hesitate.
From Mrs. H.  Thank you Mrs Y.
For introducing this magic unit to me.

antoinete61 Having used and own four (2 are Hilda Clarke zappers) Rife machines now for 25 years, this one is way superior to what I thought I knew. Just blown away by this one. We called the number listed and collected the same day. Fantastic service!

Good morning fellow Rifers, for me, the common cold usually starts with a nasal drip that wakes me up at night. 2 night ago I experienced this and immediately got up and placed the Rife probes on either side of my nose. After 30 minutes the drip stopped and I could fall asleep again. When waking in the morning, I experienced a sore throat and again immediately placed the probes on either side of my neck. After 30 min the pain was gone. That was also the end of the cold and shows that if you start the Rife treatment early, it is very fast and effective. Thanks to Royal Raymond Rife and his amazing technology   (P)

  •  I had a pain underneath a root-canalled tooth from many years ago and was unable to chew on that side of my mouth. I applied the silver probe under that jawline every time I did a session – and have suddenly discovered that the pain is gone and I can chew there again. I didn’t keep an exact record but it is probably a month or perhaps even two that I have been doing this. I am so happy as that could have been a nasty that I have been through before with a similar situation!    (yc)
  • Some feedback as promised. (My sister’s daughter has a tooth abscess in her jaw)
    Karen used the Rife twice a day with the silver node on her jaw. She currently has no mode discomfort, she can upen her mouth fully, eat and talk without any pain or discomfort. She believes that she is healed, but are just keeping the twice daily routine for a vew days to be sure.


Important notes before you get started :

Please take care not to let the electrodes touch each other
Another important note is to please take a toxin binder such as Zeolite to help remove detritus and toxins from the body as the clean-up takes place and to avoid a Herxheimer reaction. You may wish look into these definitions!
Do also look into the cause of the physical condition being worked on – there is always an “emotional splinter’. There are many different ways to do this. We are happy to help in any way that we can

Rife Unit Directions

1. Unpack the machine and remove the two probes from the side pocket/s. You will also find a plug-in charger in one of the pockets.

2. Plug the silver probe (the larger of the two) into the RED socket on the far right-hand side of the unit.

3. Plug the bronze probe in the BLACK socket.

4. In between the two sockets is a green LED which is explained hereunder.

5. Switch the machine ON via the ON/OFF switch and select the desired duration of session.
Options are 5, 10 or 30 minutes.

6. Press the RED START button to activate the unit.
The BUSY LED will light up and the cooling fan will be audible.

7. Place the bronze probe on one of the recommended positions – either side of the neck or either side of the groin (it is fine on top of clothing).
It is okay if you wish to change the grounding position during the session.

8. The silver probe can then be placed on or near the area requiring attention. It can also be moved around to different parts of the body if so desired.

9. Ensure that the green LED between the probes is always bright – if this is not the case, just re-position the probes until it is shining bright.

This green LED will intermittently flash, indicating the frequency sweep function.
10. The ‘20 minutes to go’ and ’10 minutes to go’ blue LEDs are indicators of time remaining for the session.

11. The fan and LEDs except for the “PWR ON” green LED will all switch off once the session has been completed.

12. Plug the charger in when the “BATT” light comes on (indicating that the battery needs charging) with the On/OFF switch to OFF. The LED on the charger will be red while charging and turn green when the battery if fully charged. Unplug charger and use machine as before.

Once you’ve got it, this is really simple.
Shorter sessions are also available for children and pets (5 and 10 minutes)

Wishing you fun with the unit and abundant health always


There is always an underlying Emotional Cause!
People are understanding now how very important it is to tackle the emotional causes of physical illness / conditions.   There is ALWAYS an underlying emotional cause!
Nobody can do this for us – we have to tackle the issue/s ourselves. It is is not always easy to confront and tackle, but once you dive in it definitely gets easier and easier and good things start becoming commonplace!
Please see some helpful resources herebelow:

Self Help resources:
Here is a helpful page that we compiled recently :

The Miracle of Water,
book by Dr Masaru Emoto, which is also  referenced in the above link.
Bearing in mind that the human body is comprised of at least 70% water, it makes sense that we bless and “talk to” the water that we drink, even in tea or coffee.
Pure, clean water is essential and Bio-Sil does have resources to offer in this regard!  We need to drink clean water!
So, in this watery vein ….. if we sit with a lovely cup of purified water in our hands while we are having a Rife treatment, it makes pure beautiful sense that we bless it sweetly (and simply) for example, with the words “I love you” and  “Thank you”.   Here are some pictures which indicate what takes place within the actual structure of the water molecules.

Doesn’t this just make beautiful sense in all its simplicity?!!!

Final notes
A profound truth and the gateway to complete healing :

SPIRIT and MIND level DISHARMONY aaand temporary healing effect
According to Dr William A Tiller, all illness has its origin in a disharmony between the mind and spirit levels of the person and that of the universal pattern for the person.
This disharmony works its way to the physical level via the ratchet effect. Permanent healing and wholeness require that harmony exist at the mind and spirit levels. Thus, healing at the physical level is only temporary if the disharmony pattern at the spirit
and mind levels remain unchanged.
The wonderful Rife technology usually provides amazing results at the physical level, but this will be temporary if the spirit/mind disharmony is not also corrected.
There are many resources available today in this regard.
Please e-mail : info@biosil.co.za if you would like some suggestions.


…. and finally, finally (for now!)
In support of the magic of water, a gift from Riaan and myself of geomagnetic cards to structure water. Works best if you print, laminate and cut the cards. Place a glass of water on a card the night before a Rife treatment and drink water just before. The cards also use frequency technology, in this case 3 Hz to clear the water memory, 7.83 Hz to structure the water, 40 Hz to boost mental capacity and finally 528 Hz heart frequency

Tidbit of recent information:
Good morning, preliminary tests done in February 24 indicate that the Rife electromagnetic field extends about 1.5 m beyond the user with about 20% of the energy.
This makes it very suitable to treat pets and very small babies on the users lap. This needs to be confirmed with actual results.

To purchase a unit:
Kindly e-mail: yvonne@biosil.co.za  purchase / payment details
Total cost is R15 000
Thank you

… and a new energy card to assist with any Herxheimer effect
(possible discomfort when eliminating released toxins from the body)

  Just click this link for the card
Good afternoon, Riaan Retief has graciously generated Herxheimer (toxin excretion) support energy cards for use with the Rife. It supports the detox functions and is used by simply placing a glass of water overnight on a card and drinking the water after a Rife session. Thank you Riaan

Rife Unit Usage Protocols for specific conditions – helpful real time information.
Please click the link to access.

Rife Unit Usage Protocols #1






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  1. antoinete61


    Having used and own four (2 are Hilda Clarke zappers) Rife machines now for 25 years, this one is way superior to what I thought I knew. Just blown away by this one. We called the number listed and collected the same day. Fantastic service!

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