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Radionics Balancer

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The dynamic IDF balancer brings the power and magic of radionics to the world and is part of the current CONSCIOUSNESS INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGY revolution.

Absolute simplification of the usually complex radionics dials and controls using the latest computer hardware, software and radionics technology is implemented in the balancer to enable everybody to use the instrument. No special skills are needed.

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Radionics Balancer | Bio-Sil South Africa (biosil.co.za)

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1 review for Radionics Balancer

  1. Yvonne

    Missing pets – amazing four kitties who were MIA including two of mine (absent for usual feed / treat times / bedtime) – I placed each of them on the balancer (different times and different days!!!) and incredibly either by the next morning or within sometimes ten minutes, BING in strolls a very hungry kitty. My boy who loves to roam the neighbourhood has recently spent full days at home without even venturing outside the garden. I used the statement that he was safe and loved being at home. Pure magic! Yvonne Cook

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