Quantum Healer (PEMF)


PEMF : Pulsed Electro Magnetic Therapy
Easy do-it-yourself help for pain relief stem cell boost and overall well-being

Pain Relief the natural way
This unit combines proven magnetic resonance, photo repair & ultra sound technology.
The Quantum Healer combines PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields) and phototherapy (lightwaves) for a total package of pain relief, stem cell boost, and overall well-being.
Activates blood vessels, carrying more nutrients and oxygen.
Clears out toxins and raises pH levels for overall health.

Your Path To Wellness  …  
Advanced Technology

Harnesses low-cost but highly effective pulsed electro magnetic therapy (PEMF) and phototherapy repair for pain relief and up to 300% stem cell regeneration

Schumann Frequency
Operates at 7.83 Hz, Earth’s resonant frequency, ensuring safety and promoting cognitive functions, stress reduction and more

Cell Restoration
Includes low-frequency PEMF to re-charge mitochondria, restoring cells to a healthy state in humans, animals and plants

Enhanced Circulation
Stimulates blood vessels, increasing blood flow, nutrient delivery and oxygen supply for improved overall health

pH Balance
PEMF raises pH levels, contributing to a healthier blood environment

Balanced Magnetic Stimulation
Alternates between north and south poles for a dual effect
Calming and healing (north) and stimulating cell growth (south)

Photo-therapy for skin and cell health
Ultraviolet and Infrared LEDs pulse in tandem with electro-magnetic pulses, promoting photo repair and skin health

Proven Efficacy
Based on Nobel Prize-winning research in ultraviolet light therapy and insights from  Dr  Fritz-Albert Popp on cancer and cell devitalization

Holistic Healing
A comprehensive approach to pain relief, stem cell regeneration, and overall well-being

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User Information : QUANTUM HEALER Mk 1 – User Manual v1.2

For comprehensive guidance on using the Quantum Healer, please consult this manual or seek professional advice.

Disclaimer : This device is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition.
For any medical concerns, please consult a qualified healthcare professional, particularly if further medical intervention is necessary, such as imaging tests or specialist consultations.

If you have any concerns, feel free to contact the manufacturer or sales agent. Use of this device is at your own discretion.

The Quantum Healer incorporates various healing modalities, including Pulsed Electro Magnetic Therapy (PEMF).
PEMF therapy has been approved by the FDA since 1979 for specific applications, such as reducing post-operative swelling and pain, aiding in cervical fusion surgery and adjunct treatment for medication-resistant depression and also for certain types of cancer.

Directions for use:
Run time per session : 20 minutes before automatic switch-off

  1. Plug the power supply into a 230v AC mains socket and switch it on
  2. A light will be visible through a small hole in the back cover of the Q.H.
  3. Press the button at the bottom of the unit to initiate the healing process.
    Several LEDs arranged in a circle in the therapy head section, will flicker at a specific frequency, accompanied by a clicking sound.
    Please note that some LEDs near the center emit near-infrared light, which may not be visible to the human eye but can be observed using a cell phone camera.
    A toroidal electro-magnetic coil in the therapy head is fed a polarized pure square wave at the Schumann frequency, by a crystal-controlled circuit.
  4. The Q.H. will run through a cycle and automatically switch off at the end, indicated by a short beep.
  5. Position the Q.H. where the pain or issue is most prominent, typically against the skin, unless stated otherwise.
  6. As the LEDs facilitate photo repair, it is advisable to apply the device directly to bare skin.

Caution advised:

To avoid potential eye exposure, especially with infrared and ultraviolet LEDs, ensure that the LEDs do not face the eyes. The electromagnetic field is effective on both the front and back of the device.


Macular degeneration:
Apply to the stomach and spleen areas, as evidence suggests the problem originates there. Treat these organs for at least two cycles daily.

Treat each hand for about 10 minutes daily, flipping the hand halfway through the cycle.

Allow approximately 10 minutes between treatments for the device’s electronic circuitry to cool down. It’s generally advisable to treat oneself every morning and evening.

Herxheimer Reaction:
If the treated area experiences increased pain post-treatment, it may be attributed to the Herxheimer reaction, indicating the body’s healing process taking place.
Increase water intake to assist with elimination of toxins and consider reducing or suspending Q.H. treatments for a few days until symptoms alleviate.

Frequently asked Questions:

  1. How does PEMF work?
    PEMF re-charges mitochondria, the cell’s powerhouse, aiding in cellular regeneration and self-healing
  1. Will the Q.H. ever need calibration?
    No, the frequency is locked into the device and does not require calibration
  1. Does the Q.H. regenerate cells and tissue?
    Yes, studies show PEMF can increase cell regeneration significantly
  1. How can such a small device treat various diseases?
    The Q.H. utilizes cost-effective yet efficacious systems based on influencing the body’s subtle electromagnetic energies.
  1. Why are there LEDs in the therapy head?
    UV light promotes healing and has anti-inflammatory effects, with specific frequencies shown to destroy cancer cells
  1. Besides recharging cells, what are PEMF’s benefits?
    PEMF also increases pH levels, dilates blood vessels, releases oxygen, and enhances nutrient delivery while aiding toxin removal
  1. What other conditions can the Q.H. treat?
    Various conditions from sore throat to organ pain relief, enlarged prostate, hemorrhoids, and erectile dysfunction have shown improvement
  1. Can the Q.H. deactivate viruses?
    There’s evidence suggesting it can deactivate viruses, such as the human papillomavirus
  1. How long before relief of pain or inflammation is felt?
    Results vary based on the duration of the problem; immediate relief may be noticed, but long-term relief may take months
  1. Is the Quantum Healer based on new technology?
    No, it integrates technologies dating back to the early 20th century, but combines them in a unique way
  1. Does the Q.H. work?
    Yes, provided the user has faith in the device and allows time for healing
  1. Are there additional measures to aid healing?
    Dietary adjustments, such as reducing acidic foods and sugar intake, and incorporating appropriate nutritional supplements, can support the healing process

Wishing you abundant health




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