Pine Needle & Star Anise Tincture

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Pine Needle & Star Anise Tincture (50ml)
To help alleviate blood clotting, viral shedding or transmission;
Elimination of parasites.  Detoxification.  Respiratory conditions.  Antiviral


Pine Needle & Star Anise Tincture

Pine needle, Star anise, Chinese Wormwood

Important Note:  Please be sure to give the bottle a good shake before each application as ingredients may separate

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Traditionally used for its antiviral properties
Help with blood clotting inhibition
viral shedding or transmission
elimination of parasites
respiratory conditions



Suggested dosage:
20 drops in a little water 3 times per day

If you are pregnant, nursing or are taking any medicine, please consult with your natural physician
NB Please do not exceed this recommended dosage
For children just halve or adjust dosage according to weight

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****Feedback received via e-mail ***

 I cannot express my gratitude enough, thank you seems like such a small word in comparison to what I am feeling right now. Thank you for understanding, caring and going the extra mile for me, this might sound dramatic and I don’t mean to be, but I don’t think my body could handle this much longer, let alone another week or so. Yes, it was the pine needle & star anise tincture, it’s really a star!  It deserves recognition and please thank your doctor, he is a super star!  I am so happy I found you! And what’s a real blessing for me, is that I now have found a doctor I can believe in and trust. Thank you!
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We trust many others will be helped with this great product!







Weight120 g

1 review for Pine Needle & Star Anise Tincture

  1. Helen Mackenzie

    Helen Mackenzie

    As a Therapeutic Reflexologist and massage therapist, i was concerned about clients transmitting spike protein. I read about Pine needle tea, that offers protection against spike protein. It was not easy to find.
    Thats when i came across this Pine needle and Star Anise Remedy.
    It is so convenient, has a subtle and pleasant taste. I enjoy drinking it and feel as if it the water it is in is more readily absorbed, compared to plain water. I am grateful for your passion and want to thank you for all your awesome products!
    Helene Mackenzie

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    Pine Needle Star AnisePine Needle & Star Anise Tincture
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