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Moringa World’s very popular product is back on the shelves, new and improved, same price and not irradiated


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Contents: 500ml

Moringa Oleifera  Extract 4:1, Ginger Extract 10:1,  Fulvic acid extract 40%,  Ashwagandha, Bantu Tulip, Poaceae  Extract, Syzygium Aromaticum, Corydalis Solida, Azadirachta India, Inula Helenium, Piper Nigrum, Coriandrum Satium, Picrorhiza Kurroa, Tinospora Cordifolia,  Piper longum, Gentianodes Karoo, Mallotus Philippensis , Myristica fragrans,  Acorus Calamus, Swertia Perennis,  Holarrhena pubescens, Cedrus Deodara , Solanum Virginianum. Sodium benzoate (to keep product stable)

As the taste of this wonderful product is quite strong, people say it is quite delicious when added to kombucha or fruit juice and even when mixed in with yoghurt and honey

Rich in vitamins & minerals to boost immunity and provide increased energy
100% Natural.  Not irradiated
Carefully chosen Ayurvedic and African medicinal herbs mixed with a moringa extract
Includes natural fulvic acid water for improved uptake
Natural remedy for migraines

Selected ingredients to help in the relief of:
Immune system-related complications
Unstable blood sugar levels
Irregular high blood pressure
Low sexual productivity and low libido
High fever
Joint aches
Migraines and headaches
Respiratory complications
Variety of skin irritations
Sore or scratchy throat
Irregular bowel movements
Loss of appetite
Improved sleep

Further benefits:
Improved nutrient & antioxidant supply:
One may experience an overall
feeling of increased vitality in the body and mind,
allowing for sharper responses
and improved mental health.
Additionally, one may experience
improvements in injury healing.
This may occur as a result of the moringa and fulvic
acid supplying vitamins,
amino acids, healthy fats, minerals that are
needed in the body.
Additionally, assisted by the activity of Guduchi (an Ayurvedic herb)

How to Use the Ayurvedic Herb Guduchi  Guduchi

Natural immunity;
One may feel less in pain, itchiness and tenderness

in affected areas. This may be due to the micro-properties in moringa
working to counter certain microbial infections;  assisted by bamboo shoots
the supply antimicrobial phytochemicals.

Health Benefits of Bamboo Shoots Bamboo shoots

One may experience drops in blocked or stuffy noses. as well as a 

lessening of aches and pains in the body.
This might be possible through certain derivatives in moringa working to
obstruct specific enzyme activity by suppressing prostaglandins which allow
inflammation to begin.

Improved gastro-intestinal health:
One may experience improved bowel
movement as well asess abdominal pain,
and bloating. This may occur due to vitamin B complex supplied by the
moringa that may assist digestion, the alkaline pH helps with neutralizing
stomach acid. The pipli herb supplies the body nutrients that stimulate the
reproduction of micro-organisms for a healthier colon.

• Improved cardiovascular health:
One may experience changes in
shortness of breath and may experience fewer
chest pains;  also
reductions in nose bleeds.  

Relieved headaches and fevers:
One may experience a reduction of pain
in the head, as well as a relaxing of
sensations of tightness in the head

• Improved respiratory health:
A person may experience less coughing and

Higher energy levels
One may experience improvements in muscle vigour, reflexes and responses.
The moringa tends to assist with accelerating the
metabolism by improving oxygen
supply with the presence of iron. Additionally,
when combined with fulvic acid and Guduchi,
both will work to detoxify body cells.

• Reduced blood sugar:
It is possible to feel less nauseous, less confused, less
In some cases, some individuals may even urinate less. This may

happen through regulation of hormone secretion by the presence of fibre in
moringa, Indian ginseng and the presence of zinc from the moringa, thus 
assisting in dropping blood sugar levels.

Reduced allergic reactions:
One may experience a reduction in sneezing and/or
or coughing and less
blocked or stuffy
noses. This may be due to activity of; bamboo shoots, kutki herb
and even Guduchi as they may inhibit the production of certain antibodies (IgE) that
create the allergic response towards an external stimulus.

Kutki herb




Weight550 g


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