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IMPORTANT : Please note that if your activated drops do not turn amber (dark yellow) before adding distilled or purified water, the procedure is not being carried out correctly.   Please refer to instructions again – it is super easy once you’ve gottit !!
Jim Humble originator of MMS:
“Amazing as it might seem, when MMS is taken correctly, the immune system can use it to kill only those germs, bacteria and viruses that are harmful to the body.  MMS does not affect the friendly bacteria in the body nor any of the healthy cells.   It is one of the same chemicals that the body’s immune system manufactures to kill pathogens and other harmful microorganisms in the body”

Check out the MMS Beginner’s Guide at his link:

MMS is the greatest solution to mankind’s diseases and ills now known.  It is not a drug.
Because MMS functions as a supercharger to the immune system, it is not meant for treatment of any particular disease;  rather, it has been found to improve the immune system to the point of overcoming most diseases, frequently in less than 24 hours. “
Here is a great link on Telegram with a wonderful repository of MMS protocols:


Please visit this page first:

MMS kits are available in two sizes:  30ml and 100ml
This product is not irradiated

*   30ml kit     (1 x MMS (Sodium Chlorite) and 1 x HCl  (Hydrochloric Acid) and
*   100ml kit   (1 x MMS  (Sodium Chlorite) and 1 x HCl  (Hydrochloric Acid)

Each kit contains
equal sized bottles of
MMS (Sodium Chlorite) and accompanying
HCl (Hydrochloric Acid, very weak dilution)
as can be seen in the product image


How to activate the two products:
It is always equal drops from each bottle – drop for drop
Please note:    not a “squirt:” or a “shake” but a carefully measured DROP  Single Water Drop Images – Browse 79,130 Stock Photos, Vectors, and Video | Adobe Stock

For example:

1 drop MMS Single Water Drop Images – Browse 79,130 Stock Photos, Vectors, and Video | Adobe Stock PLUS 1 drop HCl Single Water Drop Images – Browse 79,130 Stock Photos, Vectors, and Video | Adobe Stock

2 drops MMS  Single Water Drop Images – Browse 79,130 Stock Photos, Vectors, and Video | Adobe StockSingle Water Drop Images – Browse 79,130 Stock Photos, Vectors, and Video | Adobe Stock PLUS  2 drops HClSingle Water Drop Images – Browse 79,130 Stock Photos, Vectors, and Video | Adobe StockSingle Water Drop Images – Browse 79,130 Stock Photos, Vectors, and Video | Adobe Stock and so on …. in an empty cup or glass

3 drops is usually as high as one needs to go for internal dosage
It is recommended to rather take doses more frequently, than to take large doses once or twice a day
This of course also depends on which of many protocols you wish to follow

Let the drops mix together for about 30 seconds, just count to 30
The mix will turn dark yellow / amber
Now add as much water as you wish (recommendation is 200-250 ml distilled or are water)
Swirl the cup or glass gently and then drink

It is best to take the MMS as soon as it has been mixed

Video demonstration on mixing the drops:

Storage of MMS product:
Please store this product in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight

BenefitsGoes to work fast on all bacterial, viral and fungal infections
There is a multitude of benefits for humans and their pets


Please note:
“Important Things to Know Before You Begin
Never ever use anything metal when mixing or storing
MMS should never touch metal
Use glass, ceramic or plastic containers to mix and store
Storage containers / bottles for MMS should have plastic lids, not metal, as the sodium chlorite will eventually corrode the metal which then tends to erode into the lid and particles may drop down in to the MMS. This could give you metal in your MMS and you don’t want that as metals can be toxic
So use plastic lids
Please be careful about this point:  no metal with MMS sodium chlorite solution, either for mixing or for storing
One should only be drinking (purified) water – never tap water or bottled water which may contain toxins such as fluoride.
MMS can be used to purify tap water – how wonderful is that?!!!!!
So please use MMS to clean your water first if you don’t have access to pure water.




Uganda MMS malaria study video:



MMS is wonderful for pets – just scale down the dosage 
(as shown in mixing directions)
Add to all pets’ drinking water – mix in with wet food

“My kitty recovered beautifully with the MMS and HCI combo, and I gave him some DE once a day too when I had to discontinue giving him the vet meds to fix his intestines, because he got asthma from it Within 48 hours he was better than he had been in months! (I gave him very low doses of DE and MMS because of the kidney problem.) ” LJ

Alternate mixers to water when making up a dose of MMS:
Though water is the ideal, if you cannot take MMS with water only because the taste bothers you, some (not all) natural juices are okay to use (if they do not contain harmful preservatives and/or added Vitamin C or ascorbic acid, as these tend to cancel out the effectiveness of MMS)
Freshly squeezed juice is best. It has been found that apple, grape and cranberry juices work well with MMS but again, to stress …. any juice should be natural, without preservaives, without added Vitamin C or ascorbic acid
It is best to never use orange or tangerine juice in any form with MMS.  However you may drink these juices at least two hours before or after your MMS prococol for the day.

Many teas are not compatible with MMS. However, there are some herbal teas that are okay to use – this can vary depending upon which tea you are using, i.e. definitely not a herb tea or tea bag that may be laced with a contaminant of some kind

Fizzy or sparkling mineral water is a good choice

The fizz helps overcome the taste
Most people find the taste absolutely minimal and not at all bothersome
Smell can have a huge effect on taste. If you find you don’t like the taste of MMS, try changing how you drink your dose
Some folks actually hold their nose while drinking and to this end, a small-neck bottle or glass, as opposed to a wide one, can work wonders as it cuts the smell
A sippy bottle with a lid and straw has become a popular choice as it cuts the smell and taste, so is ideal for children who then don’t notice anything unusual!

Water Purification with MMS for you and your pets:
8 drops MMS : 4 litres of water
To purify 4 litres of tap water (remove germs and toxins):
Activate 8 drops of MMS (exactly per  the above example) with 8 drops of HCl
Count 30 seconds to enable the drops to activate
Add a little water and swirl it around in the cup, mixing the contents together
Add to the 4 litres of water
Mix thoroughly, cover and wait for at least one hour before use

Bath Protocol:
Activate 20 drops – after it has turned dark yellow or brown, add it to the tub which has 6-8 of water
Begin with 20 drops, next time try 40 and then 60 drops
Use this treatment 1-3 times a day
Scale down and go gently with children

For smaller quantities of water, use less drops
For 1 litre, use 2 drops of MMS with 2 drops of HCl and follow the above instructions.
Turpid (cloudy) water requires more MMS.  If you have a slight bit of turbidity, use 12 drops of activated MMS/HCL per gallon (4 litres).
A higher amount of turbidity requires higher amounts of MMS solution
Use 12 to 24 drops of MMS or even more drops, for river water. This is something you will have to evaluate and do your best to get it right. In this case, it is always best to err on the side of too many drops than not enough.  A slightly bad taste resulting from the MMS (if you have to go higher) will not hurt you!

What’s in your tap water?
Aluminum: Poses a big health threat for dialysis patients
Arsenic: Harms the cardiovascular and nervous systems, can cause skin problems, acts as an indocrine disruptor and can lead to lung, kidney, bladder and skin cancer.
Barium: Muscle weakness, breathing difficulties, heart rhythm changes, brain swelling and damage to the brain, spleen and kidneys.
Cadmium: Kidney, bone, blood and liver damage, as well as nausea, vomiting, renal failure, muscle cramps and diarrhea.
Chloramine: It can lead to hemolytic anemia.
Chromium: Stomach and intestinal bleedings, diarrhea, kidney and liver damage.
Copper: Anemia, diarrhea, abdominal pain, muscle pain, kidney failure and liver poisoning.
Fluoride:Discoloration of teeth in children under the age of 9.
Lead: Damage to the nervous system, red blood cells, the kidneys, the brain and bone marrow. Causes decreased growth in children, as well as reduced intelligence.
Mercury: Damage to the brain, kidneys and devopling fetuses.
Nitrates/nitrites: Cause blue baby syndrome.
Perchlorate: Developmental and learning disabilities in children.
Radium: Higher chances of developing cancer.
Selenium: Fatigue and damage to the peripheral nervous system.
Uranium: Increases risk of cancer development.

*************    ************    *************

From Product Creator, Jim Humble:
Corona virus

Below are provisional steps one can take, a variation of my standard protocols and Health Recovery Plan, but something to try immediately in the case of ‘coronavirus’ until you can get the
**MMS Health Recovery Guidebook**
Here’s my suggestion below:

MMS must be activated ‘drop for drop’ with the activator, HCl
Mix the drops in a clean dry glass or cup, count 30 seconds so the drops can activate—they should turn an amber (darkish yellow) colour.
After the 30-second count add 120-250ml of water, then immediately drink it down.
(Do not leave this to sit for more than a few seconds, it must be taken immediately or it will begin to lose potency.)
To get to work on a specific condition, take six (6)  activated drops of MMS in 1/2 cup of water.
Wait one hour, and then take six (6) more activated drops in 1/2 cup of water.
That may do it. You will know within two hours if it eliminated the condition by how you feel

What to do next depends upon how those first two doses made you feel.
Please follow these next directions carefully:

Step 1.
If you feel better after taking the two x 6-drop doses of MMS,
reduce your intake to 3 activated drops in 1/2 cup of water every hour for eight hours a day, until completely well.
You may want to continue this for up to 21 days to be sure you are free of disease and for an overall detoxification of the body.
Always take the MMS within seconds of mixing up the dose.
If at any time you feel worse when taking MMS, proceed with Step 2;

Step 2.
Any time after taking MMS activated drops you feel worse
, cut your intake by one half but do not stop hourly doses.
If you still feel worse cut your intake by one half again, but continue with hourly doses.

Feeling worse
after taking the MMS drops, such as showing signs of nausea, diarrhoea or headache is actually a sign that you are ridding your body of toxins. It is called a Herxheimer Reaction. It indicates that  you are destroying the disease or condition, but you are just going too fast — the point is to go slow enough so as not to make yourself unnecessarily uncomfortable.  Be sure to consume plenty of clean water, e.g. 8 glasses through the day

These suggestions are only to get you started should you come down with a serious condition

You need the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook for complete instructions
(pdf version available by request to :
PLEASE NOTE:   Jim Humble ceased the use of citric acid as activator for MMS and switched to the much nicer HCl (Hydrochloric Acid) in the same strength it is found in the gut where it helps digest food.

MMS during pregnancy:
Thousands of pregnant women have used MMS1 * to restore their health when needed.  Dosing for a pregnant woman is exactly the same as when not pregnant.
Follow the protocols and determine what dosage is best for you.
MMS1 *, when taken according to the protocols in this book does not harm the body and can therefore be considered safe for all people, including pregnant women, children and babies.  (Follow the proper dosages for children and babies as listed in this book – see Chapter 13).
Everyone is responsible for making their own health decisions.
Check with an educated health professional, if desired”
Ref: MMS Health Recovery Guidebook page 50

*MMS1 is the product which Bio-Sil stocks for you

We wish you abundant health!

In response to :
Thnks so much for this information , the amazing Mr humble has taken me from crying in agony ,jaw swollen with an obsess throbbing with pain.before bed gargled the MMS woke up and now pain-free ,face back to normal, amazing no longer need to go to the dentist in emergency now. love you Jim ❤     VH

I used MMS together with the Apricot Kernel capsules on my dog who had a huge tumor on the side of his head. The Vet gave him 2 weeks at the most to live and said it was a very aggressive cancer, the tumour appeared within a week and she confirmed the cancer with a biopsy. After 2 weeks on the cancer regimen we saw an improvement, by 3 weeks later the tumour was gone. That was 2 years ago, my dog is still alive today.  ML

“My next door neighbor was hospitalized because a truck ran into his work house and a wall fell on him. He had a savage wound to his lower leg above the ankle that got infected. Doctors gave up trying to heal it and told him they believe the leg should be amputated below the knee. My son took him a strong batch, 10 drops per ounce, of CDS in a 3 ounce spray bottle from Walgreens and instructed him not to let the doctors know. It healed, the doctors were shocked, and when he showed him what he was using, they didn’t want to know. I have incredible before and after pictures. Does anyone know how I can get these to an admin to maybe post them?”(from The Universal Antidote site)

Weight270 g

10 reviews for MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution 2 product pack)

  1. Yvonne


    MMS is great stuff. You can make a spray with it, too. One of my kids had a wart on the bottom of his foot and the podiatrist finally gave up on it after months of trying everything. I made a spray bottle of it at a certain ratio, had to remix it every few days. But after two weeks it was completely gone and never returned. Julie

  2. Hennie


    MMS for tattoo removal …. It bubbles the ink right out. Then a scab comes. After it falls off its noticeably lighter.

  3. Yamuna Jivana Dasa

    Yamuna Jivana Dasa

    It’s great for colds and flues. I never visit doctors these days, and haven’t for the past few years since using MMS.

  4. Austen C

    Austen C

    Diabetic amputation averted
    Seriously bad diabetic ulcer treated with mms 27 drops a day. Only water and rooibos tea, no sugar in diet. No vit c or any vit complex
    I am sending you very powerful photos of diabetic case foot was booked for amputation. Wound was there for 5 months progressing negatively. Treated for 3 weeks and nearly healed as you can see.

  5. Yvonne


    Sent in by a customer: I write because using your MMS I mix 40 drops in a dark 500ml spray bottle – the spray bottle prevents the gas escaping and is very effective sanitizer sprayed on hands and on masks! – also clo2 is sanctioned by the FDA for use in mouthwashes and toothpaste
    a lawyer friend started coming down with a cold or flu or whatever using the spray bottle he sprayed the back of his throat inhaling with two bursts once an hour = two days later he had recovered – he also sprayed the area around his sleeping quarters at regular intervals.
    Name and details provided

  6. Doina Bruno

    Doina Bruno

    I know about MMS since Kerry Cassidy had interviewed Jim Hamble on her show. Is an amazing product . Just take it one drop at the time. Each day. Even kills bacteria in your lungs and heart…Just keep doing until you can take 6-7 drops a day. Than you keep taking it everyday for protection.

  7. Steve


    To detox my body

  8. whodutoit62


    I have started with the MMS and know it will work! However, I want to thank the personnel at Bio Sill for the timely delivery of my neatly packaged and protected MMS! Thanks a lot, and may Abba bless you!

  9. Gids


    Two weeks ago, I was in a painfull situation with serious tooth infection unable to chew food. First I considering anti-biotics and removing the problem tooth when I remembered that I had some MMS and will put it to the test. I read about and saw the malaria video in Uganda and thought that if it could do that – I should try it. I took the MMS according to protocol.
    Pain was relieved within 4 days and swollen glands back to normal within 7 days.
    Grateful for Yvonne and her team making these healthy assistants available… thank youuuuu!!!

  10. Marion Lombard

    Marion Lombard

    I used MMS together with the Apricot kernel capsules on my dog who had a huge tumor on the side of his head. The Vet gave him 2 weeks at the most to live and said it was a very aggressive cancer, the tumour appeared within a week and she confirmed the cancer with a biopsy. After 2 weeks on the cancer regimen we saw an improvement, by 3 weeks later the tumour was gone. That was 2 years ago, my dog is still alive today.

    • Daniel Smith

      Daniel Smith

      Wow! That is just amazing! Thank you so much for letting us know. Many more happy years for you and your paw…

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