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Master Detox Fenbendazole vegan capsules (60)


Master Detox vegan capsules (60) Fenbendazole

Detoxification of worms and parasites.   Breaks down tubules in cancer cells.

Product Description

Master Detox vegan capsules (60) Fenbendazole

Description:  Active ingredient – Fenbendazole (275 mg per capsule)
Benefits:  Detoxification of worms and parasites.  Breaks down tubules in cancer cells. Inhibits sugar uptake in cancer cells
Dosage:  Take 1 capsule every night for four days and then wait three days and repeat.  This should be repeated until the bottle is finished
“I am thrilled – a few days before completing the Master Detox protocol – one bottle – I had a biofeedback machine body scan – it confirmed that I was completely parasite-free.  I had also stopped eating meat”   (name and details provided)
Video worth watching:

Please watch this video link to understand in better depth the amazing potential benefits for cancer :



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