Liver Cleanse Kit (single dosage pack)


The Liver Detox is used to flush the liver and gall bladder of toxins and gall stones.
It is highly recommended that every person should undeergo a Liver Detox every 6 weeks to 3 months.
The Detox should be preceded by the Parasite Cleanse and possibly the Renal Support for 18 days.
The Liver is such an important organ and it is generally found to be under-functioning in most people.
Dr Ed Group has said that Avocado Oil may be used in place of Olive Oil for this cleanse

The Detox should be preceded by a thorough Parasite Cleanse

Single dose quantities
Epsom saltBlack Walnut hullsMalic Acid.  Non irradiated

Epsom Salts 50gr  /  
Black Walnut Tincture 5ml  /  Malic Acid 33gr  /  Natra-Sleep 4 capsules

Packaging:  Epsom salt in a plastic container, Black Walnut Hull tincture single dose, in a glass bottle and 4 Natra Sleep capsules

You need to add: ½ a cup of olive oil, 1 large or 2 small grapefruit and a mixing container

Dosage: The Liver Detox takes 24 hours – please do be sure to follow the inserted instructions to the letter for positive result.   Best carried out on a weekend or day off


sHow To Draw Human Liver - YouTube | Draw diagram, Human liver, Human drawing

How often should this protocol be repeated?
Advice from our good doctor manufacturer:
One should repeat the Liver Cleanse after 3 weeks especially if gall stones have been excreted.
The 3-week cycle should be continued until there have been no stones for 2 consecutive flushes.
Once this happens the maintenance protocol can
begin, viz.  a cleanse every 3 months

I don’t know why I took so long to do this cleanse.  It was really easy and I experienced no side effects.   I did follow the instructions carefully – Saturday / Sunday and all is well.   I feel great!
I think it was a smooth process as I have undergone a few parasite cleanses already.   (JT)

Further Information:

Liver Detox by Dr. Edward Group
ref. Cancer Epidemic eBook (the full eBook is available from :
Step number 1. “So we clean and heal the gut.
Step number 2 is cleaning the liver because, right now, I would say that the majority of the population on the planet, their livers are only working at 15 to 20%.”

The liver, a vital organ in the human body, carries out crucial functions such as digesting food, supporting tissue strength, and serving as a storage site for numerous vitamins and minerals. Additionally, it contributes to the production of erythrocytes and houses Kupffer cells, which play a role in filtering diseases from the bloodstream. 52 The liver plays a crucial role in detoxifying the body, particularly by eliminating toxins from the intestine.
The process of liver detoxification involves a complex chemical reaction that transforms fat-soluble toxins into watersoluble ones, allowing them to be expelled through urine or bile.
Many toxins entering the body possess fatsoluble properties, causing their accumulation in fat tissues or cell walls.
The majority of blood flowing through the liver originates from the portal vein, transporting blood from the intestine. In this process, the liver plays a vital role in removing potential sources of diseases, including bacterial, fungal, viral, or parasitic infections present in the bloodstream. Detoxification of the liver has proven to be highly effective in preventing the underlying causes of cancer.
“Most of the liver cleanses out there that don’t use the olive oil, they clean about maybe 5% of your liver.
When you use the olive oil, like Hulda Clark says, it’s like oil pulling for the liver.
So the oil will go in there, and it’ll pull and hold and make these little droplets of, people call them stones, they’re not necessarily stones, but they’re just oil globulets that you’re going to be pushing everything out.
So other liver cleanses out there, maybe 5% cleansing the liver. But with the oil, we’ve seen a 15% ability to cleanse the liver.
So, if your liver’s only functioning at 30%, and then you do one cleanse, it takes it up to 45. You do another cleanse, take it up to 60, then another cleanse takes it to 75.

We found that your liver needs to be functioning above 80%. It’s like the 80/20 rule—above 80% before you start healing before your self-healing mechanism starts kicking in. And to prove that point, we actually had one case where a guy did:

He was sent home to die with 4-stage cancer all over his body. All he did was start ordering our liver cleanses. He did 1 after another, after another. He was still alive after 2 weeks. He did 26 back-to-back liver cleanses, almost half a year. Went back in, and all of his cancer was gone.

That’s how powerful the liver is. And that’s why everybody needs to be focused on cleansing and healing the liver.”













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