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This is a really exciting form of radionics and quantum technology, new to most of us.
Based on the divinely gifted technology brought to us by Slim Spurling.
An uplifting read about Slim Spurling and his technology can be found here : Download PDF


Promotional Launch :
Exciting new technology harmonising with Earth’s natural and wonderful energies

These two items are now available:
1. Quantum Tensor Ring : R300  (approx diameter 7 cm)
2. Light-Life energy Harmoniser : R900  (approx 10 cm x 8 cm height)

1.  Quantum Tensor Ring (diameter 7cm)
RingThis quantum copper Tensor Ring may help:
* Improve overall health and wellbeing
* Speed up recovery processes
* Combat physical conditions
* Aid in reducing headaches or migraines
* Increase focus and avoid fatigue
* Reduce the effects of EMFS (electro-magnetic frequencies)
* Potentize water
* Help energise plants by placing the ring around or underneath them

There is no limit to how this wonderful tool can be used to enhance your life.
We encourage you to follow your intuition and use your imagination.
Handmade with ‘Earth Restoration’ consciousness

2.    Light-Life Energy Harmonizer  (height 7 cm)

There is no limit to the uses of this life-enhancing tool. We encourage you to follow your divine intuition and use your imagination to experience these benefits
HhharmoniserLight-Life Energy Harmonizer, quantum copper device
* Helps clear the environment, including air, water and soil, while also creating a harmonious field around them, without   the use of any chemicals or other aids.
* This positively affects everything that comes within its path of energy.
* The Energy Harmoniser creates a unique continuous flow of energy.
* It is made up of 3 Tensor Rings and an Acu-Vac Coil shaped into a 3-dimensional sphere.
* Draws out negative energy and replaces it with positive energy, aiding the release of physical discomfort and emotional issues
* Helps reduce stress and anxiety, including emotional distress
* Encourages mental clarity
* Effective in a situation where there is disharmony, such as an argument, crying children or tension between friends or co-workers

Whether you wish to extract discomfort, increase your mental focus, heal yourself emotionally, clear your energy centres, release anxiety/fear, or to increase your efficiency as a healer, this tool can be of great help

Potentizing water

Increase the available energy in water instantaneously with the Light-Life tensor Ring.
The light field resulting from this increase in energy imparts “livingness” to the water.
Psychics and radionics operators verify greater “vitality” of water when charged by the Light-Life Tensor Ring.
Since the human body is made up of 70-85% water, all of the water in the body is raised to a higher vibrational level, increasing personal vitality when potentizing your water.
This “livingness” is also passed on to the animals who drink the potentized water as well as plants which are watered with it.

This video explains so much about this wonderful technology :


Please read this absolutely fascinating booklet that you won’t want to put down!
Cal Garrison’s fascinating tale of Mr Slim Spurling :  Just click on this link to download the book : Download PDF
Slim Book                  Slim Spurling



The happy Production Team at work :

Harmonisers And Rings    Harmonisers


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Quantum Tensor Ring, Light-Life energy Harmoniser


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