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Product Description

ECOEGG, the all-natural safe laundry alternative


This Eco Egg will deliver 720 washes before a refill is required. That’s worth a comparative pricing exercise with conventional harsh laundry detergents!

1 (one) Eco Egg = 720 washes versus 720 cups of harsh washing powder!!!!
  • free from harsh chemicals
  • environment – friendly
  • kinder to the skin
  • even kinder to your pocket
  • helps reduce plastic waste
  • saves time and space

Further information:

Busy moms are washing at least daily and are aware of the need to reduce their environmental impact.   They are now in a position to make a big eco-friendly move with this brilliant little power-product

Sensitive skin / allergy sufferers can benefit from the absence of harsh laundry detergents.

Hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested.

Allergy-Friendly Product Award



Additional information

Weight455 g

1 review for Laundry alternative, all natural - ECO EGG

  1. Misty

    Such a handy little product and such a space saver as I don’t have detergent bottles any more!
    I really love that it has no harmful chemicals and plastics, unlike normal washing powers!
    Highly recommend this money saver!

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