Ivermectin (Viral Boost)

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Viral Boost – Ivermectin –  ten tablets now available here
Please note: It is important to complete the parasite cleanse – then do a liver cleanse if at all possible and within three weeks of completing the first parasite cleanse, do another one (to catch the millions of hatchlings).
Then follow up with regular cleanses to ensure no new infestations.
We have several different parasite cleanse programmes at this website.

Ivermectin (also known as Viral Boost)

Please do conduct your own research on this amazing dewormer / detoxifier / prophylactic remedial
There are a number of articles in our Library which cover his topic, such as these two:

10 tablets
Ivermectin IP 12mg
Free from additives, not irradiated

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or currently taking any medication, please consult with a professional healthcare professional

Suggested dosage for parasite elimination:
Day 1: Take 2 tablets
Then take 1 tablet per week for 8 weeks

Day 1: Give 1 tablet
Then half a tablet per week for 8 weeks

Important Information:
Please do conduct your own research and remember it is so important to do at least one Liver/Gallbladder Cleanse after completing a parasite cleanse.

Next super important point
is to repeat a Parasite Cleanse within three weeks of the one completed – to catch the hatching eggs.
To this end another product which is helpful in removing the eggs before they hatch, is
Clove capsules which can be found at this link:

Small sampling of other options available:

MMS – Miracle Mineral Solution
Purifies the blood and eliminates harmful elements.
Be sure to follow the accompanying directions carefully

Pine Oil
Stops viral uptake into the cells
Take 1 teaspoon of Pine Oil mixed with 1 teaspoon of raw unpasteurised, un-irradiated, Honey in a litle warm water

For kitties – some feedback

Killer Kitties: Study Proves They're Not as Innocent As They Look | TIME.com

For kitty lovers – I have struggled to find a product that mine will take for deworming. The ones applied to the back of the neck apparently have some noxious ingredients which facilitate skin/tissue penetration. Every other product I have tried to hide in food they suss out and refuse to eat – absolutely no chance of me getting a pill straight down the throat. An intuitive win which I would love to share – our Ivermectin tablets. I halved and crushed them fine – added to mashed tinned pilchards and all four ate it with no issues – all looking good afterwards!~ Yay – took a while but a win at last!

Video on how Ivermectin Works:


And finally, the lovely Dr Andrew Jones on Ivermectin for dogs and cats – please do watch this video :





Weight65 g

3 reviews for Ivermectin (Viral Boost)




  2. Charmaine Roodt

    Charmaine Roodt

    fantastic thank you

  3. Bobs


    One of the the few places this is available in SA! Doctors prescribe but most chemists refuse to fill the scripts, as their chain overlords have instructed them not to! So stock up for future. Thank you Bio-sil! Wonderful to have this safe, multipurpose product available.

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