Hypochlorous Acid Nebulising Solution and Nebulising Spray


For upper respiratory and lung infections
Reduces biofilms
Handy spray bottle now also available.

1.Hypochlorous Acid Nebulising Solution
2. Nebulising Spray

Item 1
Hypochlorous Nebulising Solution

Contents :
100 ml Hypochlorous Acid, free from any additives, not irradiated
Hypochlorous Acid 100%

Hypochlorous Acid has disinfectant properties – it destroys pathogens, and reduces inflammation.
For upper respiratory and lung infections
This product is really lovely to use – it just feels super healthful while one is nebulising!

Suggested dosage:
Dosage: Nebulize with 5ml for 10 minutes 2 – 3 times daily
Children’s dosage is 2.5ml.

A nebuliser such as this one is available from Dis-Chem and is really pleasant to use

If pregnant, nursing or taking pharmceutical drugs, please consult your health practitioner first

Hypochlorous Acid Bath Protocol:

Please click the link below for this helpful advice:

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Item 2
2.     Hypochlorous Acid Nebulising Spray:

Hypochlorous Acid has disinfectant properties, eliminates pathogens, reduces inflammation and eliminates biofilm.
For upper respiratory and lung infections
Spray in mouth as you breathe in. Breathe out through your nose. Do this as many times as necessary a day.



1.  My husband used the Hypochlorous Acid Nebulising Solution last night and it stopped his coughing.   AK
2.  Jan O  I was Covid positive and had a lot of mucus in my lungs, I nebulize with Hypochlorous Acid, and it all (sticky slyme) came loose and out, THIS PRODUCT WORKS    After starting to nebulize with Hypochlorous Acid nebulising solution, the mucus came loose and I couched it out, the mucus that came out was very sticky and difficult to get from my lungs, this product works to get mucus loose and out of the lungs.   JD
3.  ES – I absolutely loved using this product in the nebuliser – it was a sort of instant relief.   So pleasant and easy to use.   It sorted out my coughing very quickly.







Weight200 g

Nebulising spray, Nebulising solution

1 review for Hypochlorous Acid Nebulising Solution and Nebulising Spray

  1. Yvonne


    When I had ‘flu recently I found this to be a most soothing and pleasant experience – nebulising with this product. Yvonne

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    HypochlorousHypochlorous Acid Nebulising Solution and Nebulising Spray
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