Graviola (Soursop)

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Nature’s anti cancer tree.
The graviola tree provides a miraculous natural cancer cell destroyer, reported to be many times more effective than chemotherapy

Graviola leaf powder
Also known as “Soursop”

90 vegan capsules
480 mg each pure Graviola leaf powder (free from any additives)
1 month’s supply, not irradiated, additive-free

Nature’s  anti cancer  tree:

The Graviola tree provides a miraculous natural cancer cell destroyer, reported to be many tmes more effective than chemotherapy.
This tree is called graviola in Brazil, guanabana in Spanish and has the uninspiring name “soursop” in English.

Please note :
It is highly recommended that this product is taken in conjunction with
Moringa  which is also available from Bio-Sil
Turmeric powder or capsules and

Zeolite Power, an effective toxin binder

Bio-Sil’s Cancer Combo (recommended by our Doctor Online for very many years  :

My husband has advanced prostate cancer and has been using the product for 2 months with tumeric. His joint pains caused by hormone therapy is so much better his level of energy is amazing and he has not taken a pain killer in weeks ! Liz

* I  heard of soursop from YouTube as I suffer from ulcerative colitis and had lost so much weight around stomach area! I am starting to gain muscle around my stomach. I would usually be in extreme pain around my period, last month went with nothing to mourn about.
Also my daughter suffers from terrible eczema in her legs and inner thighs. I heard from youtube how it helped and gave her some. Oh my goodness, it is killing it inside and the inner thighs improvement is shocker!!!! I ordered second bottle immediately… Wonderful God with such a wonder of a natural herb. I’m in awe of what it has done!  Pharisa

Further information:

The active anti-cancer phytochemical annonaceous acetogenins has the properties to specifically attack and inhibit some enzymatic processes that occur only in the cancer cells’ membranes and while they are toxic to the cancer cells, they do not create any toxicity in healthy cells
The National Institute for research on cancer of the United States of America in 1976 showed, in various laboratory experiments, that the active phytochemical annonaceus acetogensis present in the graviola leaves acts specifically against several cancer cells such as carcinoma cells of the lung, adenocarcinoma of the prostate, cancer cells of breast, liver and pancreatic carcinoma
Further studies made in Taiwan have shown that the annonaceus acetogenins is effective also against ovarian cancer cells, bladder cancer and in some types of skin cancer

Please see this helpful article to assist further :

Coconut oil for alternative therapy


Recent Research now reveals that parasites play a huge part in all cancers.
Please do visit our Online Library where there are a number of reference works, including this one :


Do also take a look at our authentic and affordable multi-wave healing unit:

Rife (Pure Rife Multi Wave Unit)


Wishing you abundant health


More Feedback (from Takealot:
Thanks I finally got it! ✨✨✨✨✨This is really effective, extra potent when taken with turmeric and moringa. Would definitely recommend it to maintain your health.

it’s helped with my dad’s cancer I am so grateful

Yes I would definitely recommend it I was diagnosed with throat cancer and I’m on chemotherapy as we speak,after every session of chemotherapy I would vomit and cannot eat but after 3days of taking biosil graviola I’m feeling much better and my appetite is back. I’m going back in two weeks time hopefully there’ll a progress

I’ve got Rheumatoid autoimmune disease and it is reducing my inflammation / pain amazingly. I already started feeling a difference after 3 days. I am taking it with Turmeric and Moringa as suggested on the bottle. It actually feels like I received a second chance in life. I can only drink it once a day otherwise my blood pressure is dropping way too low.

Goodday all the is the best product for cancer patients. Thank you for the best fastest way to help us that really needs this product. It’s cheap and easy to get please tell everyone that Takealot helps us easy and helpful with the full specs Thanks great product and Thanks Takealot we adore you all

Ideal for good overall health

yes, because it is a natural supplement that improves one’s life, since I started using I feel better since I’m having stomach ulcers

It gives you so much energy especially if you’re struggling with a chronic illne

I got it for my grandpa and he used to have knee problem and body ache, now they are gone like gone. Thanks this is best

A great natural supplement. Glad to find this product on takealot.

I feel better since I started using it

This works wonders and would definitely recommend it|

Been using it for a week now and I must say I’ve got more energy Will continue using it and see if there is more benefits to this

Been using it for a week now and thus far I’m happy with how my body reacts towards it.









Weight100 g

1 review for Graviola (Soursop)

  1. Mmathapelo Sono

    Mmathapelo Sono

    I have been using this product for 5 months now. And i am happy with how it boosts my energy and overall health.

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