Graphene Oxide Remedy (vegan capsules)

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Graphene Oxide Remedy (60 vegan capsules)

Multilayer Graphene Oxide Powder from Lithium Battery



Suggested uses: To counteract Graphene Oxide contamination.

Graphene Oxide is highly toxic and becomes a superconductor when linked to 5G networks


N-Acetyl Cystine (NAC)230mg
Glutathione 5mg

Suggested dosage: 2 capsules daily before bed for 10 days. Then take 10 days off.  Take a mineral supplement during the 10 days off.

Caution: If you are pregnant or taking any medicine, do consult with your physician.

Do not exceed recommended dosage.

Ingredients: N-Acetylcysteine, Glutathione, EDTA (Calcium Disodium), Ascorbic Acid, Zeolite

Suggestion: On the 10 days off, clients can take Magnesium, Boron & D3.  If the
client has had a “vaccine”, or is continuously wearing medical masks, or are in contact with
people who have had the jab or have had a covid test, it is recommended that they
continue indefinitely.

Jab info:

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2 reviews for Graphene Oxide Remedy (vegan capsules)

  1. Lourinus Marthinus Brits

    Fantastic to find a Company which are in favor of the wellbeing of people during very uncertain times.

  2. Lourinus Marthinus Brits

    Great to have found your web sight.

    • Yvonne

      Wonderful – we’re happy to have you with us in these positively attuned times 🙂 Yvonne

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