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Gift Box Surprise – Line-art coffee mug, coffee and cookies

Pondering on gifts?   Look no further – there is bound to be a surprise box for you!


Line-art coffee mug 

Got a last-minute birthday gift to shop for?
You can’t go wrong with a coffee mug, coffee and cookies.

This box contains:
A line-art coffee mug (pink, blue or cream)
A bag of delicious roast coffee
A bag of super delicious GF, vegan, choc chip cookies

*We do also offer the option to submit your own design for your cup – please send us an email inquiry to


If you’re stuck for a quick gift, please contact

She can whip up a beautiful gift box to your specifications and even ship it off for you!

How this lovely concept came about: Chantelle Weldon
I’m a very creative person, and needed a creative outlet from the mundane rat-race I found myself in a few years ago.
‘Unboxt’ was an idea that I toyed with a few years ago.
A timely prompt from an old customer enticed me to start up again!  
The aim is to create boxes that not only contain beautiful items, but love and thought as well.

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