Fenbendazole (Master Detox)


Natural ingredients. Not irradiated.
For elimination of worms and parasites.   Breaks down tubules in cancer cells.
Please note: It is important to complete the parasite cleanse – then do a liver cleanse if at all possible and within three weeks of completing the first parasite cleanse, do another one (to catch the millions of hatchlings).  One can also take Cloves capsules along the way to eliminate eggs before they hatch.
Then follow up with regular cleanses to ensure no new infestations.
We have several different parasite cleanse programmes at this website.

Fenbendazole also known as Master Detox
Now available in two strengths:

60 x vegan capsules, not irradiated, Halal certified, additive-free

Now available in two strengths :
1. Fenbendazole (Master Detox)   183 mg
2. Fenbendazole (Master Detox Plus)   380 mg


Ingredients / quantity per serving:
1.  Master Detox:
Fenbendazole 183 mg
with Vitamin E 160mg,  Turmeric 114mg

2.  Master Detox Plus :
Fenbendazole 380mg

Take 1 capsule every night for four days and then wait three days and repeat.
This should be continues until the bottle is finished.
A liver cleanse is highly recommended at this stage
IMPORTANT – three weeks later, it is recommended that you repeat the procedure
Please see Dr Lee Merritt’s video herebelow

“I am thrilled – a few days before completing the Master Detox protocol – one bottle – I had a biofeedback machine body scan – it confirmed that I was completely parasite-free.  I had also stopped eating meat”   (name and details provided)

Important video :

NB :  Another really important video which covers the importance of parasite removal follow-up – we believe this is crucial to great health – please do watch :


Dosage – further information :

Joe Tippens recommends taking 1 capsule every day for four days on and three days off. Others have upped the dosage to six capsules per day for four days on and three days off. With a body weight of 140kg, one should do at least 2 capsules per day.
We now have Master Detox Plus to cater for larger dosage requirements

The Master Detox and Liver Cleanse do not contain any cloves and should not affect the thyroid and hormones negatively. They may have a positive effect if there is a parasitic element affecting the thyroid.

For children suggested dosages:

0 – 1 years = 1/20th1 – 2 years = 1/10th  
3 – 4 years = 1/5th4 – 6 years = 3/10th  
7 – 8 years = 2/5th  9 – 10 years = 1/2
11 – 12 years = 3/5th  13 – 14 years = 4/5th  
15 years and older = adult doseOver 70 years = ¾ of adult dose


More Feedback :
*  You guys are doing amazing work please know that many of us are depending on people like you.
I bought Fenbendazole capsules for a friend with stage 4 stomach cancer.After 8 days he is looking and doing so well.
Thank you

*  This is an incredible product – I work through a bottle every couple of months.  It’s inexpensive for such a powerhouse!!!!   (ES)

*  My husband had major colon surgery in 2021. He was diagnosed with colon cancer. I searched on how to help him by giving him natural supplements as he showed up with terrible side affects from Chemo. I searched for a specific product and found it with you. Such a blessing. Master Detox. In 2022 he had no chemo and I started with Master Detox and oils in December 2022. His CEA count came down and his CA19 count as well. He was having Milk Thistle as well. Also the Apricot Kernel pills.
Thank you for your dedicated service with so much love and care. I am sharing your product name with others around me.
Blessings. (JS)

*  We are so thankful we found your company.
That Fenbenzadole (master detox) has been literally saving my dad’s life.

As U know, my dad has been treating lung cancer.
During this last full moon…my dad took a bad turn & was feeling really rough.  I do know from his past experiences that full moon can be rough coz he tries to hit those parasites extra hard & his body goes thru a herxing/ detox.  Well the very nxt day after the full moon cycle, my dad woke up & coughed out a 4-5cm tumor!!!   It was quite unreal & he had been praying for that moment for so long.

He has since been feeling alot stronger & his appetite back again.  Now we just praying that whateva is left, that will come out too!!

*  I had an awful outbreak of psoriasis – I did nothing other than persist with Master Detox, Rife machine sessions and CDS.   It took several months but thankfully  am now clear of that dreadful condition  (VS)







Weight75 g

Fenbendazole 183 mg (Master Detox), Fenbendazole 380 mg (Master Detox Plus)


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