DMSO Special Blend

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A safe and natural  * Pain reliever for stiff joints  * Gnarled and painful  fingers * Arthritis.  * Anti-inflammatory
This product is absolutely amazing for a myriad of conditions  as can be seen by the comments below


30 ml in glass bottle
DMSO, Lugols Iodine and distilled water
15ml Lugol’s Iodine to 50ml DMSO (66% DMSO)
Shake gently before application
A safe and natural * pain reliever for joints and hands,  * arthritis.  * anti-inflammatory
This product is absolutely amazing for a myriad of conditions  as can be seen by the comments below
Apply as needed – wash hands and clean area of application.  Apply directly
Can also be taken internally as well – a couple of drops at a time in 200-250ml water
Further information:
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*I had a bad fall and hurt my left knee which resulted in water on my knee….quite a lot!.  De iced to give this product a go.  Put lots of DMSO Special Blend on my knee every morning and evening and bandaged it for support.  In less than a week ALL the squishy water had gone, a bit went down to my ankle but DMSO soon got rid of that too.

*Simply the best ! For hectic psorisis/eczema etc in my clients, I tell them to shower, then drip dry (no dusty towelling down), then spritz colloidal silver onto the Psorisis/ Eczema, then spritz neat 3000 ppm CDS, then spritz DMSO blend aa the last solution. Allow it to dry, and then put a little of the BioSil hand and body butter to nourish the skin, because the DMSO can be quite dehydrating on the skin. Works like a bomb.🤣😀. Dr Irene J

*PW – Just helped a friend with inability to urinate from prostate problems. My mom started using it about 2 weeks ago due to stroke like symptoms. A few days later she said she felt fine but now the stabbing pains she was having in her hands are gone. Four close family and friends have applied this to people at the time of discovering stroke symptoms and those have been reversed with no side effects

*SN – In her sixties.  She was booked for a knee replacement.  Very active lady.  Had arthritic-type hands, too.  Used the DMSO and was so thrilled with the results that she cancelled her knee op.  Her hands were also greatly improved.  Some weeks later she fell on both knees at work.  She went to the doctor, obviously quite concerned.  He said her knees were fine

*LvW – In her sixties.  Does beadwork and sewing.  Had knarled arthritic-type hands and they were beginning to impact her ability to do her work.  She found almost instant relief from the DMSO and has not only been using it for about a year-and-a-half, but recommended it to a friend who is using it too.  I do not have knowledge of the friend’s experience, but can find out if you need me to

*LE – In his sixties.  Plays bass guitar.  Was having trouble with his hands.  Started using the DMSO, but stopped after a week or two because he didn’t notice a difference.  Craig encouraged him to use it for longer and he was so happy with the result that he bought his own bulk bottle of DMSO and mixed up his own dose

*VP – A 70-year-old lady who has had arthritic-type hands and has been using DMSO for about a year.  She finds considerable relief from this product and recommends it to others

*CK – A lady in her 80s.  She was visiting us one afternoon when she complained of terribly painful hands.  Again, arthritic-type joint pain.  We gave her some and within minutes she experienced relief.  She took home a bottle to continue using

*WvW – In his forties.  Experienced shoulder pain and had found relative relief from anti-inflammatories over a long period of time, but only while he was taking them.  He wasn’t keen to be on anti-inflammatories long term and was willing to try the DMSO.  He no longer uses the anti-inflammatories and finds that a short course of DMSO will give relief for some months

*AB – In her seventies.  Was concerned about stroke-like warning signs.  She rubbed DMSO on her hands as this was an easy way to administer it.  She found almost instant relief of her aching hands

*LS – In her eighties.  Suffered a stroke with marked facial paralysis.  Her son got to her within the crucial time and gave her DMSO in water which she drank.  Within hours her face had recovered fully and she was coherent again

*I gave my own mother a few mils of DMSO in fruit juice when we became aware that she’d suffered a mild stroke (possibly also another mild stroke two days previously).  She then went off to the emergency and within days was only suffering from severe tiredness.  No long term issues or underlying problems were picked up during her hospital stay.  I am personally suspicious that the dose of DMSO contributed to the positive outcome, but obviously there is no evidence that can prove this

*I was in my early forties when I hiked up Platteklip Gorge.  This is the trail with all the big steps.  I ran some of the way down.  By the time I got to the bottom of the track my knees were a bit sore.  A couple of hours later I was struggling to get up out of a chair.  My knees were very sore and stiff.  I put DMSO on and woke up the next morning with absolutely no pain or stiffness.  I was very relieved because I thought I’d damaged my knees which, up to that point, had been perfectly happy

*Thank you so much for my last order 06290. I now have some more friends using Craig’s special blend DMSO.  I sometimes get cramps in my thigh muscles( which is very painful) but the previous time this happened I grabbed the DMSO,  wacked it on & rubbed it in and wonder of wonders…..cramp gone! Have had to use it once again and it worked wonderfully well.  Please may I have a repeat order also for 4 bottles . Pat


This has also been used successfully to help heal breast cancer –
applied topically and taken orally, in conjunction with other natural products



Weight100 g

2 reviews for DMSO Special Blend

  1. Cheryl Westley

    Cheryl Westley

    A client of mine has been using this products for some months now and swears by it for alleviating pain

  2. Yvonne


    I have had a very tender and sore inner elbow for some time, from carrying heavy items and digging holes for fruit trees. I rubbed a little of this amazing product on it twice this morning and voila! Pain gone. Amazing

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