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Deodorant (100% natural)


… and now for something completely different!

A safe, healthy, efficient, deodorant for men and women
Easy to apply, lovely fragrance
We love it!

Product Description

Deodorant – 100% natural – 50ml

Time for something completely different!
Something that won’t harm your body with toxic ingredients!
Lasts 1-2 months
Easy to apply – a little goes a long way
Tried and tested by distance athletes who were odour-free during their workouts

Magnesium oil, Magnesium chloride flakes, Magnesium-infused plasma water
Coconut oil (cold pressed, extra virgin, organic)
Shea butter (raw, organic)
Coco butter (raw, organic)
Bicarbonate of soda (aluminium-free)
Starch, plant-based, non GMO
Diatomaceous earth (food grade, natural)
Beeswax, raw, unrefined and sustainable sourced
Vitamin E
Essential oils, therapeutic grade:  lavender, rosemary and tea tree
Zinc oxide, non nano

Lovingly hand-made



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